Advantages and disadvantages of living in a small community


The US is a nation of small towns. As current & former small-town residents can attest, living in less-populated regions has its unique sets of advantages và disadvantages. If you are considering moving, it’s important khổng lồ know the pros and cons of small-town living.

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The US Census Bureau estimates that our country’s population is 328.2 million. Fewer than 5,000 people live in approximately 76 percent of the nation’s 19,500 incorporated places. Less than 500 individuals live in about 42 percent of these incorporated areas.

Small town populations can be further illustrated by comparing the number of our nation’s residents who live sầu in large cities. While 206.9 million people live in an incorporated place, only four percent of major cities have sầu populations of over 50,000; about 127.8 million people live in these cities.

Across all US regions, the US Census Bureau finds uneven growth in small towns with populations of less than 5,000. Small towns in the West have seen the largest growth, with the South following closely behind. Midwestern và Northeastern small towns have sầu seen a slight decrease in growth.

Other than cities, where populations can reach 250,000 or more, families might consider any of three small town options: suburbs (large, midsize and small); towns with populations between 25,000 and 50,000; & rural communities that exist outside of urban locales.

Pros of Living in a Small Town

1. Opportunities for Financial Growth

Although cities are filled with a wealth of opportunities, small towns have their own draws. For instance, young families may want to consider moving lớn a small town lớn meet their financial goals. After all, thành phố living is expensive; and small-town life allows residents to build up their finances.

The cost of living is generally much lower in small towns. Home prices, the cost of rent, groceries & consumer goods and services are a fraction of the cost of what they would be in major metropolirã areas. The cost of living index is a good measure of these differences.

The average US cost of living index is 100. Located in central Illinois, Washington, for instance, with its population of 16,000, has a cost of living index of 84. Compare this small town with Chicago, just a few hours away, and the cost of living index spikes to 106.

2. Natural Scenery

On the other hand, simple pleasures may be found only in small towns. A drive sầu through the winding roads in small towns, lượt thích Strafford, Vermont, leads to lớn breathtaking views of tree-lined streets and starry skies overhead. Beautiful natural scenery nourishes both the body toàn thân & soul.

3. Security

Although crime is higher in cities, small towns are not averse to lớn crime. In fact, some small towns are ridden with crime. But for those small towns that can boast a low crime rate & minimal vandalism, auto & trang chính insurance premiums will be lower for residents.

Many small-town residents feel an incredible sense of security living in their homes. Small towners are even known lớn leave their doors unlocked when they go lớn work. A sense of personal security is important, especially for the elderly & families.

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4. Familiarity

This feeling of security is amplified by the fact that most small-town residents know each other. When a homeowner paints the house, everyone notices. Personal attention can be beneficial. A resident just might find the wrench he was looking for on his porch step when he returns from work.

Cons of Living in a Small Town

1. Fewer Well-Paying Jobs

While living expenses are lower in small towns, residents have sầu fewer well-paying job opportunities. Service industries, such as those in healthcare và professional services, are growing fast—but they are concentrated in urban areas. Even upon finding a good job in a small town, the commute will be lengthy.

2. Lachồng of Entertainment

Along with driving further each day lớn work, small town residents will have sầu lớn travel khổng lồ large cities for big-name entertainment. Add the costs of gas, dinner and khách sạn, and the nights out will add up to an enormous expense for small town dwellers.

3. Costly Transportation

In order lớn get around in a small town, residents will need a oto. Along with the oto come maintenance expenses, as well as gas, insurance, and licensing. But in major cities, public transportation is the cheaper alternative. In cities, like Chicago and Thành Phố New York, owning a oto is unnecessary.

Airfare comes at a steep price for small town residents. This is due lớn the fact that small towns may have only one municipal airport, if they have sầu one at all. Connecting with a major airline requires booking an extra flight to a larger airport.

4. Informality

While familiarity can be boon, it can also be, at times, a nuisance. Over-friendly neighbors may simply walk through a neighbor’s unlocked front door without ringing the doorbell. Or, a five-minute trip khổng lồ the post office can turn inlớn an hour-long sự kiện upon meeting a chatty acquaintance.

Choose a Professional Mover

The charm of small towns is attractive sầu khổng lồ many in the US. However, the drawbacks can spur residents khổng lồ reconsider their living situation. When the pros of moving to lớn a small town outshine the cons, it’s time lớn consult a professional local mover, like Mid-West Moving và Storage.

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