Vice City is packed with secrets - và only the most devoted Grvà Theft Aulớn fans will have found all of these.

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Amuốn so many amazing episodes of Gr& Theft Aukhổng lồ, Vice City takes the charge because of the incredible gameplay that keeps everyone"s interest màn chơi at its peak. While many of you have already been exploring GTA Vice City especially testing out new weapons and stealing fancy cars, however, there might be some secret places that you might not have found yet.

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Therefore, khổng lồ make it easier for everyone, here is a các mục of some hidden areas that are worth a visit, in fact, there is also a probability that you find some useful tools. It would definitely be a treat for Vice City lovers to learn about these secret areas.

You might have just driven a oto or killed sometoàn thân on the beach but there are some hidden packages, too, which one can easily overlook. Located between the South points of East & West islands directing towards the Juan Cortez"s yacht, you will find a nearby rampage which can only be accessed through a boat or a helicopter. However, this is not the only secret place on Ocean Beach.

Try reaching behind the northwest shore of the Ocean View Medical Foundation where you will find two huge Trắng buildings. Here, you may get confused with finding something useful, but here is a pro tip lớn access the area. One easy way is lớn steal a car và use it as a ramp for a solid pedestrian jump or you may run directly from South of Ocean View Hospital.

While playing Vice City, players are always in need of upgrading ammunition và for that purpose, it is important lớn know about areas where hidden armor can be found. One of those places is the northeast corner or near the pool of Hotel Harrison.

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Here, you will find a nearby Uz-I where you should visit often to top up your armor và restocking the ammunition. The areas around Washington Beach have definitely a lot more khổng lồ give than what you actually know about it.

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You can find a hidden package in the south of the Washington Beach Police Station too which is another secret place on the bản đồ of GTA Vice City. It is located on the rooftop of a tall white building with blue stripes. An ideal way to reach there và access the package is khổng lồ use a helicopter. Moreover, the view from the rooftop is quite exhilarating as one can see half of the đô thị from there.

Everyone must have visited the Malibu Club many times while playing Vice City but there is a nearby place which you might not have discovered before. In between the Vice City Beach water tower and the Standing Vice Point hotel, there is an aqua painted boutique khách sạn that has a pool on the rooftop. This area can only be accessed by a helicopter while landing directly inkhổng lồ the pool.

Most of the people never noticed another secret place on the map even while completing the third mission. One needs khổng lồ take the help of a helicopter to lớn climb up the tall building roof while completing the mission known as The Chase. While walking a little more to lớn the left from the stairs, you will find a new place where a hidden package would also be available.

The Vice Point has a lot more lớn offer in Grvà Theft Auto Vice City than most of the fans actually think of! There is a beautiful and tall khách sạn known as the Ducum Inn that has a crescent-shaped structure and is located at the north kết thúc of the Washington Canal.

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The hotel"s outer structure is in Trắng color with a massive entrance that can be accessed directly while walking.

One of the famous islands in Vice City is the Prawn Isl& where InterGlobal Studio offices are located. The rooftop of this building is considered as a secret place because there is a hidden package placed between the center of the North rooftop stairwells. It can be accessed with the help of a helicopter or by using Unique Stunt Jump khổng lồ reach the roof of the building.

Every Vice City lover must have explored the Vercetti Estate pretty well but there is still a lot to lớn see inside the huge mansion. While walking towards the pool area và entering the bushes along the sidewall, there comes another point in the South kết thúc which would be new for you. Here, you will also witness a hidden package that was right under Tommy"s nose but remained undiscovered till now.

How is it possible that you visit the Downtown area & don"t find anything useful or unusual? There is a prominent hospital in the Downtown Vice City known as Schuman Health Care Center where an ambulance has been parked in the basement. There is a secret place with a package while walking down the ramp on which the ambulance is parked. Moreover, this place is usually non-crowded so one can easily access it.

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