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Connect the dots how the canned hunting could contribute to the extinction of wild lionsChris MercerAllow me to lớn connect the dots lớn explain how the decision of the S.A. Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) in the canned hunting case could contribute lớn the extinction of wild lions in S.A.To recap, the Minister for the Environment (at that time Van Schalkwyk) tried to lớn impose a 24- month wilding rule on the captive lion breeders in the TOPS regulations (TOPS = Threatened Or Protected Species Regs).The Predator Breeders (lion farmers who supply the canned hunting industry) objected & sued the Minister.They lost in the High Court but on appeal to lớn the Supreme Court of Appeal (S.C.A.) they succeeded, and the 24- month wilding rule, which sought to restrict the hunting of tame lions lớn those who had been released into a large camp with a natural prey base for a minimum period of 24 months, was set aside.So currently there is no protection for lions under the TOPS regulations, the number of captive sầu lions has increased to 8,000 and canned lion hunting is a booming industry.The SCA allowed the appeal of the lion farmers on a very specific point. The judges raised the point mero motu i.e. off their own bat. The SCA held that lion farming was “a closed circuit” i.e. that since no captive sầu bred lions have sầu ever been released baông chồng to the wild, then lion farming had nothing lớn vị with conservation. Accordingly, the Minister for the Environment had no jurisdiction to lớn impose any restrictions on them. Lion breeders were farmers, not conservationists. On that tardy và narrow point, the lions lost.Now the problem with a decision based upon a new point raised mero motu by the Court itself, is that the lawyers are caught off guard & unprepared. This point was never argued in the Court below, và the papers were not drafted by lawyers with this point in mind. I personally filed an affidavit in support of the Minister, at the request of the State Attorney, but was asked to limit my đầu vào khổng lồ the issue of the potential loss of income from foreign tourism caused by ethical tourists boycotting S.A because of their outrage at the institutionalised cruelty lớn lions.Had the State Attorney been aware of the point that the S.C.A. would use to decide the case on appeal, I could have sầu expanded my affidavit to show that canned hunting is not a “closed circuit” and that it adversely impacts on wild lion populations in various ways.First, captive lions suffer from both inbreeding & captivity depression.

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Lion farmers need lớn bring in fresh blood continuously, và that means that wild lions are often captured (illegally) for that purpose. Anecdotal evidence is that there is routine smuggling of captured predators from Botswamãng cầu. I have even been told of one car chase near the Botswamãng cầu border where the smugglers were seen throwing live sầu cheetah out of the vehicle during the chase, so that they would not be caught in possession.Second, there is the growing lion bone trade, which is a gryên ổn spin-off from lion farming & canned lion hunting. It is much cheaper for the lion bone traders khổng lồ buy the bones of poached lions than to lớn pay, say, US$165 per kilo to the lion farmer. Further, Chinese buyers prefer the bones of wild lions because these are regarded as more ‘potent’. So, legalising the lion farming / canned hunting business will cause an escalating poaching of wild lions khổng lồ meet the growing dem& from an established, legalised lion bone industry.Third, there is the corruption of data on which hunting licences are granted by neighbouring countries. Cannned hunters are nothing if not vain, and they want their trophies to lớn be registered in the Rowland Ward trophy book, to give sầu themselves bragging rights. But Rowlvà Ward will not recognise South African trophies because they know that these are from captive bred lions.So some resourceful lion farmers get around this problem by flying the trophy animal - often darted and in the same aircraft as the intrepid hunter - inkhổng lồ a bush strip in a neighbouring country such as Mocambique. There the dazed animal is shot, và the trophy exported as a Mocambique lion. As more & more lions are exported from Mozambique in this way, & the Moz authorities bởi vì not see any substantial impact on their own wild lion prides, they will be tempted lớn increase hunting quotas of wild lions, misled into lớn believing that there are more wild lions than in fact they bởi have.Lion farming for canned hunting is a toxic industry which is going to lớn poison lion conservation throughout Southern Africa.I think that the decision of the Supreme Court of Appeal was wrong & shows the dangers of deciding cases on new points raised for the first time on appeal by the appeal court itself. And I believe sầu that this poor decision will contribute towards the ongoing collapse of Southern African wild lion populations.In the wild, there are more rhino than lions, although one would not think so from the hysteria over rhino. We must not be distracted from the plight of lions & elephant & others.

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