Infinitive vs gerund

In English, if you want to lớn follow a verb with another action, you must use a gerund or infinitive sầu. For example:

We resumed talking. (gerund – verb + ing)I want lớn see a movie. (infinitive – to + base verb)

There are certain verbs that can only be followed by one or the other, & these verbs must be memorized. Many of these verbs are listed below.

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Comtháng verbs followed by a gerund:

Example: He misses playing with his friends.

abhoracknowledgeadmitadviseallowanticipateappreciateavoidbe worthcan’t helpcelebrateconfessconsiderdefenddelaydetestdiscontinuediscussdislikedisputedread
endureenjoyescapeevadeexplainfancyfearfeel likefeignfinishforgivegive up (stop)keep (continue)keep onmentionmind (object to)missnecessitateomitpermitpicture
postponepracticepreventput offrecallrecollectrecommendreportresentresistresumeriskshirkshunsuggestsupporttolerateunderstandurgewarrant
agreeappeararrangeaskattemptbegcan/can’t affordcan/can’t waitcarechancechooseclaimcomeconsentdaredecidedemanddeservedetermineelectendeavorexpect
failgetgrow (up)guaranteehesitatehopehurryinclinelearnmanagemeanneedneglectofferpayplanpreparepretendprofesspromiseproverefuse
remainrequestresolvesayseekseemshudderstrivestrugglesweartendthreatenturn outventurevolunteerwaitwantwishwould likeyearn

Verbs followed by a gerund or infinitive sầu with little khổng lồ no change in meaning:

Example: It started lớn rain. / It started raining.

begincan’t bearcan’t standcontinuehatelikelovepreferproposestart

Verbs followed by a gerund or infinitive with a change in meaning:

forgetI forgot lớn meet hlặng.(I didn’t meet hyên ổn because I forgot to vị it.)
I forgot meeting hlặng.(I don’t have sầu the memory of meeting hlặng before.)
go onHe went on khổng lồ learn English & French.(He ended one period of time before this.)
He went on learning English và French.(He continued learning the languages.)
quitShe quit to work here.(She quit another job in order to lớn work here.)
She quit working here.

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(She quit her job here. She doesn’t work here anymore.)
regretI regret promising khổng lồ help you.(I’m sorry that I made the promise.)
I regret to lớn tell you that we can"t hire you.(I’m telling you now, & I’m sorry.)
rememberShe remembered lớn visit her grandmother.(She didn’t forget to visit.)
She remembered visiting her grandmother.(She had memories of this time.)
stopI stopped to call you.(I interrupted another action in order khổng lồ Gọi you.)
I stopped calling you.(I stopped this activity. Maybe we had a fight.)
tryI tried lớn open the window.(I attempted this action but didn’t succeed.)
I tried opening the window.

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(This was one option I sampled. Maybe the room was hot.)


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