Pubg x stadia: interview with joon choi, pubg console lead


What makes the PUBG x Stadia partnership special?

PUBG Corp. Và Stadia have teamed up to bring the iconic Battle Royale experience to lớn an all-new player base on Google’s new gaming platform. The announcement was made last month that PUBG would be available lớn Stadia players along with exclusive PUBG x Stadia skin sets for those who purchased one of three trò chơi bundles.

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PUBG Corp.

Stadia’s cloud-based gaming experience allows players to lớn enjoy PUBG from anywhere at any time, whether it’s on a mobile device or a big-screen TV. Those playing on Stadia will have the option to lớn queue up in Cross-Platform parties, bringing together PUBG’s Console community like never before. The addition of a new platform doesn’t just bring the title to lớn new players, it brings new teammates và opponents to those already on console with PlayStation and XBOX.

The announcement of this partnership is an exciting one, so for more insight into what his means for the community, what players have khổng lồ look forward to, và makes this news special, we asked the PUBG Console Lead, Joon Choi, a few questions.

App Trigger: What would you say is the most exciting aspect of PUBG coming khổng lồ new players on Google Stadia?

Joon Choi, PUBG Console Lead: We’re looking forward to lớn reaching a wider audience, with new và returning players who can experience the trò chơi on a new platform. There is a lot of great crossovers there. For those that haven’t played PUBG, they can experience our chất lượng Battle Royale that has immersive game play and some of the best gunplay on the market. For returning players, they have the opportunity to experience a new cloud gaming platform and the quality conveniences that come with that.

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App Trigger: What do you believe players on Google Stadia should be most excited to lớn experience for themselves?

Joon Choi: The convenience factor is definitely exciting. Since Stadia is cloud-based, you can play instantly across multiple devices…from your TV, lớn your PC, to your tablets, và mobile devices. That opens up a lot of possibilities. Outside of that, it’s a great way for first time PUBG players khổng lồ experience the trò chơi or another great way lớn play if you’re gaming on PC or console already.

App Trigger: How does the partnership between PUBG x Stadia phối itself apart from other current platforms?

Joon Choi: We have a great working relationship with all our first-party platform partners. Google has been really great to lớn work with, in addition to lớn being a tremendous help from the very beginning. In addition lớn giving us the right tools khổng lồ work with, they provided lots of great engineer advice as well.


PUBG Corp.

AT: Cross-platform play and cloud-based gaming provide ease of access to lớn players on the Google Stadia, what else can players look forward lớn in regards khổng lồ gearing up and playing with friends?

JC: to your point, players can jump in & squad up with their friends on console through full cross-party play. Outside of that, players can look forward khổng lồ putting their squad of friends against others in our recently released Ranked Mode. Our players have requested a way lớn measure skill for years, so we’re really happy to be able lớn finally provide that.

AT: What does the addition of a primarily new player base on Google Stadia mean for the console community at large?

JC: From an industry and developer perspective, a larger player base (new or returning) is always a great thing. It means more people are being exposed to gaming, và specifically for us, more people are given the chance khổng lồ play PUBG. In addition to that, new và existing PUBG gamers have more options to lớn choose an experience that speaks to lớn them.

AT: Is there anything else you’d like the players on Google Stadia, or perhaps new players interested in dropping into the Battlegrounds khổng lồ know?

JC: Players can sign up for a không tính phí two-month Stadia Pro trial to lớn gain immediate access lớn PUBG. For new players, there’s no better time khổng lồ drop in and play the game. For existing or returning players, I’d really recommend giving it a go. The giải pháp công nghệ around cloud gaming và Stadia still impresses me to this day. It’s amazing that you can play our game from a browser!