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Game of the Year EditionThe Zombie apocalypse returns with this nội dung packed edition of the fan hâm mộ favorite. It´s time lớn return khổng lồ the beautiful, zombie-infected shores of Banoi!With the Dead Island trò chơi of the Year Edition players get the chance khổng lồ experience the full story behind the Banoi Zombie Outbreak. The GOTY includes•Dead Island•Bloodbath Arena DLC•Ryder trắng DLC•Blueprint "The Ripper" WeaponGet ready for your return to Dead Island, a paradise to die for!About the GameTerror. Violence. Madness. Bedlam. A holiday paradise gone mad. A tropical island turns into total chaos after a mysterious zombie outbreak. Cut off from the rest of the world, the player’s only chance lớn survive is to fight khổng lồ the death & find a way to escape from the island.
Dead Island combines first-person action with a heavy focus on melee combat, character development and customization of a vast array of weapons. All of these game play features are presented in a dark story inspired by classic zombie movies with a gritty & engrossing chiến dịch that can be played with up to lớn four players in co-op mode.Set in an xuất hiện world tropical island, hordes of different festering zombies await players around every corner while they embark on a variety of thrilling missions through the holiday resort. With firearms & ammunition being scarce the player must rely on utilizing found items as weapons for self-defense và fight off zombie hordes in intense melee combat. A diverse range of items can be collected and will later serve khổng lồ transform the player’s ordinary makeshift weapons into serious instruments of destruction.In addition khổng lồ satisfying even the most bloodthirsty action fan’s fantasy, Dead Island also features role-playing elements which allow the player khổng lồ develop one of the game’s chất lượng character classes according to lớn their preferences, all the while learning new skills & fresh tactics during their journey through the perilous environments of the island. What’s more, anytime during a game up khổng lồ four players can seamlessly join together và experience the intense combat và immersive story with cooperative gameplay.With the all-new Chrome Engine 5 powering Dead Island, the game will use the latest installment of Techland’s acclaimed proprietary trò chơi engine, allowing the player to experience the tropical island paradise in graphical splendor with diverse environments lượt thích lush forests và detailed city environments.Key Features•First-person melee combat•4-player coop
•Weapon customization•Set on a gorgeous mở cửa world tropical island•RPG elements for character development•Hordes of gruesome zombiesSystem RequirementsMinimum Specifications• Processor: Intel chip core i5 2.7 GHz• Memory: 8 GB RAM• Graphics: NVidia GeForce GT 640M 512MBController supportXbox 360 controller supported (Tattiebogle OS X drivers required)

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