Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Review


There are some games released in japan that we here in the West just assume we’ll never get. These are the types of titles that we don’t even get our hopes up for & just import them due to lớn the understanding that they’ll never see the light of day in English anyway. That’s Sega’s latest trò chơi from developer French Bread: a 2d fighter that pits anime characters from various shows and games against one another. Aside from the licensing nightmare that we assumed would hold the game back from getting a North American release, a niche fighter lượt thích this, only releasing on the Vita and PlayStation 3, just didn’t seem feasible for launching here of all places. And yet, here we are…reviewing a fully localized version of Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax. What a weird, wonderful world we live in.

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Fighting Climax is, like its name implies, a traditional 2 chiều fighter — at least in terms of presentation. Firing it up, it has the looks of a typical fighting game: 2d sprites, Japanese characters, a few modes, a slick interface; all the check-boxes that should be checked are indeed, well, checked. Once folks get past the common window-dressing, though, they will see that Dengeki Bunko is quite the different type of fighter. Mechanically speaking, Sega & French Bread’s fighter is probably one of the most, if not the single most, accessible game of its kind on current consoles.

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What makes Fighting Climax the ideal entry-point for newcomers khổng lồ the genre? Well, for starters, all characters adhere to lớn the same button inputs to perform their moves. That’s right, a quarter roll will net players a special move regardless of their characters, just as pressing square & triangle together, or performing a z-motion on the analog stick (à la Ryu’s dragon Punch) will too. This will sound strange & possibly off-putting to lớn the fighting trò chơi purists of the world, và perhaps rightfully so. How could there be that much skill involved in a game if all one has to bởi vì is learn one mix of button configurations & then use them across all characters? That’s a valid question, but one that’s a bit misdirected. We say that because Fighting Climax isn’t trying to be the next big tournament fighter. Instead, it’s meant lớn be played by not only fighting game enthusiasts, but also anime lovers who will know who its cast of fourteen main characters, and over twentty tư vấn characters, actually is.

Closing Comments:

Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax is a wonderful fighting game that isn’t particularly meant lớn be played by fighting game diehards. That doesn’t make it bad, but rather a love-letter khổng lồ anime and Sega fans, và an all-around excellent trò chơi to boot; one that’s filled to the brim with content, unlockables and a colorful cast of characters. Its roster of fighters isn’t super deep and a lot of the franchises represented won’t be immediately known khổng lồ even the casual anime viewer, but knowing who these fighters are isn’t a requisite lớn have fun, which is Fighting Climax‘s aim: fun. Its combat isn’t all that nuanced, sure, but it is fast, fluid, flashy, & super accessible. This is the type of game you fire up when friends come over, because of how accommodating a fighting trò chơi it is. All of the characters using the same button inputs for moves will undoubtedly make some look down their nose at the game. We pity those people, however, because beneath its simple design is a really fun fighter — a fighter not built for the usual crowd.

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