GET YOUR COPY NOW: http://smarturl.it/GetArcadeDIMITRI VEGAS & LIKE MIKE TEAM UP WITH W&W FOR THE ANARCHIC ‘ARCADE’Release Date: February 29th After picking up 6 IDMA Award nominations earlier this month, Dimitri Vegas và Like Mike return for a huge collaboration with Dutch mainstage staples W&W titled ‘Arcade’ – out February 29th through Smash the House.

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‘Arcade’ sees the duos channelling the retro through their inimitable progressive, big room house sounds, incorporating a spectrum of aesthetic and tonal ideas into one killer tune. Brimming with atmospheric synth blasts, a fist pumping, foot stomping beat, and the biggest breakdown of the year so far, ‘Arcade’ will undoubtedly have sầu arenas, festival grounds and dancefloors shaking & bouncing throughout 2016.

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Seamlessly blending together their distinctive styles, Dimitri Vegas và Like Mike and W&W here demonstrate why they are considered amongst the biggest and best acts in the dance music sphere. Constructed with an undeniable sense of fun và nostalgia the traông xã nevertheless retains the heavy hitting rhythms and powerful beats that have made them both acts so essential in recent years. Keep your eyes và ears to lớn the ground for ‘Arcade’ out via Smash the House on February 29th.

Genre Electro House

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