League Of Legends Vs Dota 2


So you want to lớn play a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), but you’re not sure which one to lớn choose? That’s why we’re comparing Dota 2 vs League of Legends (LoL), to lớn find out which one is better for you? Although there is a continuing debate between the two fanbases, on which trò chơi is better, the choice is entirely up to lớn preference. Dota 2 is a very complicated & technical MOBA, which has pushed some gamers lớn prefer the comparatively simple and clear gameplay of LoL.

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Both titles are worth trying out, as the old adage says, “Don’t knock it till you try it”. But before you know which one to lớn try first, read on! Because we will break down all aspects of Dota 2 vs League of legends, from what they are, khổng lồ their different gameplay, characters, & maps. All in order to lớn help you find out, which one is a better fit for you?

What is Dota 2?


Dota 2, is a free-to-play, three-dimensional isometric, real-time strategy (RTS) multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) trò chơi by Valve. Dota stands for “Defense of the Ancients” (DotA). Which, originally was a gian lận for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, which further expanded itself to lớn its own trò chơi today, Dota 2. The trò chơi puts two teams, known as the Radiant and Dire up against one another. Each team consists of five players each attempting to destroy the other’s “Ancient” (home base), whilst defending their own. The first team to lớn destroy each other’s Ancient is the victor!

Furthermore, each of the 10 players will control their own “hero” in the arena. These heroes come in a range of game play styles và hold a variety of abilities. Each anh hùng is meant khổng lồ take on a certain position in the game, these are mid-lane, carry, off-lane, roaming support, và hard support. Heroes are leveled up, khổng lồ a max of 30, và strengthened with experience points, which unlock their abilities or improve one already learned. You gather experience points by killing enemy players, destroying towers, & eliminating creep. These are the NPCs that populate the top, middle, & bottom lanes of the map. Likewise, this will give you gold that can be spent during the match on items khổng lồ boost your stats and grant you special abilities.

What is League of Legends?


League of Legends (LoL), which is commonly referred to as just League, is a free-to-play, isometric, RTS, MOBA, developed by Riot Games. Once again, two teams of five drop into the map, Summoner’s Rift. Each team is looking khổng lồ push the respective lanes of vị trí cao nhất mid & bottom, & destroy each other’s Nexus; which is Leagues version of Ancients. With that, there are towers và inhibitors resting at each lane’s entry to lớn the base, that need to lớn be destroyed. Inhibitors are structures that prevent the enemy team’s super minions from spawning.

Just like Dota 2, each lane is covered by towers & creep – also referred khổng lồ as “minions” in LoL. Each team is composed of five players who control their own “champion”, which fills out the positions on the map. These are the đứng đầu lane (Typically Tank), mid-lane, jungle, và two in the bottom lane (Typically an Attack-Damage Carry (ADC) & Support). These champions are leveled up by killing opposing champions, creep, turrets, & so on khổng lồ get experience and gold. Each champion can be leveled up lớn a max of 18, which lets you unlock new abilities or tăng cấp current ones. Gold can also be used to lớn buy items khổng lồ buff your stats.

Champions and Heroes


Both Dota 2 & LoL have a “draft phase” where each team will pick their Hero/Champion. Currently, Dota 2 has 123 heroes, whose attributes, abilities, and items can define them into multiple class styles. Those are Carry, Support, Nuker, Disabler, Jungler, Durable, Escape, Pusher, & Initiator. LoL currently has 159 champions, who are sorted into six class styles. These are Assasin, Fighter, Mage, Marksman, Support, và Tank.

The main difference here is that in LoL, champions are played & built around their respective class styles. While in Dota 2, heroes may be built/played in a variety of ways based on your in-game role và how the battle is progressing. Giving Dota 2 a much higher complexity when it comes to lớn choosing heroes.

Character Abilities


In Dota 2, each anh hùng comes with four abilities (Some heroes have one or two passives while others have none). These are three basic abilities, và one ultimate- also referred to as “Ulti”. In-game, heroes can be leveled up to lớn a max of 30, with each basic ability leveled up four times, & the ultimate three times. The rest of the experience points go into their passive Talents. Heroes work lớn cast these sets of abilities with mana, from their mana pool, under their health bar.

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In LoL, champions also have four abilities, three basic and one ultimate. Each basic ability can be leveled up four times, and the ultimate three. However, champions cap at cấp độ 18, once all abilities are fully upgraded. Most LoL champions use mana, but there’s a small bundle of them that don’t use mana at all. Furthermore, some champions use energy, their own health, or specific Fury champions.

It’s worth mentioning that champions in LoL tend to synergize inward, which means they scale off of their own qualities extremely well and may take over a game on their own. While in Dota 2, Heroes synergize outward, which means working together is essential lớn winning.



In both LoLDota 2, there are three lanes that hóa trang the map, top, mid, and bottom. Between these lanes are ways khổng lồ move about the forest on the map, which is referred to lớn as the “jungle”. Hence the role. For both games, the jungle consists of NPCs, monsters (LoL), & camps (Dota 2), that can be killed for XP và Gold. In LoL, there is a Dragon và Baron Nasher in the jungle. These grant the team who kills it a bonus buff for a period of time. While in Dota 2 there is Roshan. Similar to lớn LoL Baron, however all it doe’s is give gold lớn the entire team & grant one player with a guardian angel, which revives them with full health & mana.

Each game also has a casual & competitive game mode, with that, a variety of other game modes within the confines of the gameplay.

The Final Verdict

There is a reason the LoL esports scene doesn’t see the same amount of fans, prize money, and viewers as Dota 2. This may be because Dota got lớn the hearts of gamers first. But mainly because it is a far more advanced game in comparison to lớn LoL. You’ll constantly find pro Dota 2 players referring to LoL as the “kids” version of the game. That’s not to knock LoL as a trò chơi at all, however, it’s relatively easier khổng lồ learn & play compared to Dota 2. For Example, we have merely scratched the surface of Dota 2 for its in-game mechanics & gameplay. On the other hand, there isn’t too much more to lớn uncover for LoL.

So the final verdict of Dota 2 vs League of Legends is, if you are looking for a challenging & in-depth MOBA, then go with Dota 2. If you want a simpler & more comprehensible version, go with LoL.

So, What’s your take? Which game bởi vì you think is the best between Dota 2 vs League of Legends? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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