What Is 4X Msaa In Android Developer Options?


The developer option allows you khổng lồ enable various extra tools on your android device. One of those tools is “4x MSAA.” But what exactly is it, and what does it do?

In this article, let’s look at what 4x MSAA is và how khổng lồ improve your experience on Android. In the end, we’ll also answer whether you should enable it or not.

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What is 4x MSAA in Android?

MSAA stands for Multisample Anti-Aliasing. The displays of our computers and phones are made of tiny pixels. When each pixel lights up in different colors, it displays an image or whatever you read on display. However, since Pixels are square-shaped entities, they cannot size a straight line when lines are at different angles but 180 degrees forming what’s called “Jaggies,” when MSAA comes to lớn the rescue.

Image: Abubakar Mohammed

MSAA adds more differently-colored pixels to counter the Jaggies lớn make it seem like a straight line. If you have a high-end app android device, enabling 4x MSAA makes sense as it helps improve the resolution và results in a better gaming experience. However, one drawback of this MSAA is that it will consume more battery life when enabled.

It is completely safe to turn on the 4x MSAA on your apk device. If you have a high-end điện thoại and want khổng lồ play in a higher resolution, ready to sacrifice your battery life, you can enable 4x MSAA. Here’s how you can enable MSAA on Android.

Open the Settings app.

2. Head over to lớn “About phone.”

3. Scroll down to find và tap on “Build number” seven times.

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4. You will see “You’re now a developer” toast. Developer options have been enabled.

5. Go back lớn the Settings app, scroll down, & tap on “System.”

6. Find & tap on Developer options.

7. Scroll down lớn find & toggle on the 4x MSAA.

That’s how you can enable 4x MSAA on your apk device. Vì chưng you have a high-end device to play games on? How significant was the graphic chất lượng increase after enabling MSAA? Let us know your thoughts & opinions in the comments section below.

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