Fake Ip To Israel

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Q1: If I report a cheating player in the game, will the official PUBG di động team receive this report & take action?

A: We vì take action, so your reports are very helpful lớn us. We"ve recently launched a report feedback feature where players can find out if the players they reported have been penalized.

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Q2: Will cheating players be exempted from punishment or receive a lighter punishment because they have spent a lot of money in the game?

A: No. Whether or not a player is punished has nothing to bởi vì with how much they have spent, as we have banned many accounts owned by players who made a lot of purchases. The length of the punishment depends on the player"s cheating behavior.

Q3: Will I be punished if I don"t use a plug-in cheat but knowingly play with other players who use plug-in cheats?

A: Yes. Players who team up frequently with players who use plug-in cheats will have their accounts banned for 7 days as well.

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Q4: Why doesn"t the PUBG điện thoại Security Team punish cheating players by banning their IP?

A: Because it"s easy for cheating players to create kém chất lượng IP addresses. If the official team bans the IP of cheating players, then normal players who are assigned to the banned IP address would be erroneously punished.

Q5: Why doesn"t the PUBG điện thoại Security Team punish cheating players by banning their devices?

A: As PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại is a thiết bị di động game, there is a large difference in how we resolve security issues when compared lớn PC games. PC games can ban devices because various hardware codes can be used khổng lồ identify cheating devices their unique locations. This is not the case for thiết bị di động games, as it is extremely easy and cheap khổng lồ change the hardware code of a mobile device, making device bans easy for cheating players to bypass.

Q6: Will players using the emulator on a PC be punished if they bypass the emulator matchmaking on purpose khổng lồ match with the players that are on sản phẩm điện thoại devices?

A: Yes. Their accounts will receive a warning & may even be banned in severe cases.