Does ranked mode keep throwing đá quí IIIs at you? Are you constantly matched with noobs in competitive mode? You wish you could play with your friends, but they’re overseas playing on a different server.

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Unfortunately, Riot Games doesn’t give you the option khổng lồ change your server region manually. To bởi that, you need a VPN for Valorant.

A VPN masks your IP address and replaces it with another. This way, websites think you’re connecting from another location in the world. CyberGhost VPN’s expansive global network makes it an easy way lớn play Valorant in another region.

Read on further to find out how you can play Valorant in different regions with the best VPN on the market.

How to lớn Play Valorant in a Different Region in 3 Quick Steps

To change your region in Valorant you’ll need a VPN for Valorant. A VPN is short for “virtual private network”, và it hides your IP address và replaces it with another. Websites and services will think you’re somewhere else in the world. This makes it a perfect tool to lớn play Valorant in another region.

Connect to lớn any gaming server.Log into your Riot account & start playing Valorant!

Now, you’re ready khổng lồ play Valorant in different regions. Here’s what you need to bởi vì next.

Try CyberGhost VPN Risk-Free

How lớn Make a Valorant tài khoản in a Different Region

The Valorant accounts you create are region-locked. This means Riot limits the servers you can play on based on your IP address. Your trương mục is permanently tied to lớn the location you created your tài khoản in. If you were in a European country when you created your account, you can only play Valorant matches on EU servers.

Despite Riot promising fans an option to manually change servers, as of update 4.07, accounts are still region-locked. If you want to play with your friends overseas, you’ll need lớn create a new Valorant account.

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Don’t worry. It’s free! Here’s what you need lớn do:

Connect to a CyberGhost VPN hệ thống in the region you want to playGo to Riot’s pageCreate a new account


You can connect to lớn a North American VPN server and create your new Riot account. That way, you can play on a mãng cầu Valorant server with your friends. This account is permanently geo-locked, so you don’t need lớn connect to lớn the same vps or country every time you want to play.

How lớn Play Valorant in a Different Region

Now you’re ready to get into the game. Let’s say you’re an EU player và you want to lớn play on an mãng cầu server. Here’s what you need to lớn do.

Connect lớn a country vps in the region you want.
Create a new Valorant account.
Log into Valorant with your newly-created account.
Start playing Valorant!
Get in the game!

That’s all it takes to change your region in Valorant.

You can also log in with your other account and change VPN servers khổng lồ switch between regions freely.


Change Your Region in Valorant

Why is CyberGhost the Best VPN for Valorant?

You’ll find a lot of VPNs on the market, so how can you be sure you choose the best one? CyberGhost is the best VPN for Valorant. Here’s why.