Fate/kaleid liner prisma illya announces new movie!

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Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya: Oath Made Under the Snow was a great watch và obligatory for any người of the Fate/Prisma series. The nội dung of the film itself is quite specific however which makes it quite difficult to recommend to lớn anyone who hasn't seen all 4 seasons of the Prisma anime. With that said, If you are a tín đồ of the Fate/Stay Night/Zero series you may very well find this film quite enjoyable even without prior knowledge of the Prisma series. While the content of the film is a flashbaông xã arc of the third main series of Prisma, it effectively acts as a sort of spinoff Shirou storyline, taking place in an alternate dimension which pulls from the Fate/Stay Night series, especially Heavens Feel. This may sound very complicated, but again, this is a very specific story & is definitely only able lớn be penetrated by those who have sầu seen Prisma và those with a working knowledge of the Fate series. The main reason I am specifying this is possibly enjoyed by those with a working knowledge of the Fate series but not necessarily Prisma is that many are turned off by the loli fan-service that plays a large role in the Prisma series. The animation, art và story line are all very strong in this film & there is just about zero bạn service. Therefore, it can definitely be enjoyed by a larger audience. If you are a follower of the Prisma series, you may be disappointed by the laông xã of fan-service but if you've read the manga, you'll know this is a very serious arc where Shirou takes up the role of protagonist. Along with that, Illya makes only the briefest of appearances & Kuro, not at all. For a series with such a heavy reliance on fan service và the girls , this could be seen a downside but the film really plays into lớn its respectable & serious tone, I think lớn its benefit. I feel like They could have done a flash forward lớn the bathing scene that takes place immediately after this arc for a bit of fan-service but they instead take it full circle in a much more well done và respectable way. As a big tín đồ of the fan-service this series offers, the restraint they show in this film is actually quite commendable. The film itself very closely follows the source material with great animation and art all around. While I'm not quite sure if the film ever hits the heights of Illya vs Saber Alter from the first season, it does consistently pull off sequences on par with the other highlights of the series. I may have sầu expected a bit too much since it is a film & they generally have sầu much higher budgets, but Prisma fans are generally spoiled on the art and animation front , besides the most recent tv series which this definitely rises above & beyond by a mile. One interesting addition is an extended montage of Shirou collecting the class cards after his fight with Shinji. My mouth was wide open this whole time due to the sheer unexpectedness of it, the great animation & many fun Easter eggs and references lớn other Fate series in the identities of the installers. It also came immediately after a great battle with Shinji và featured tons of great 2D animation, as opposed to the final battle with Angelica which relied on quite a bit of CG. It was still a fantastic battle , but because of this the montage really stood out & I loved it. All in all, definitely check this film out if you follow the Prisma series (I'm sure you're already frothing at the mouth to lớn view it) & even if you are just a Fate/Stay Night or Zero tín đồ. I didn't focus on the earlier, slice of life moments much here. The first half could be seen as quite slow but they really beautifully build up Shirou and Miyu's relationship which causes the rest of the film lớn be that much more tragic. I went with my girlfriover who has no knowledge of the Fate series & even she really loved the nicer slice of life moments in the first half & was really endeared lớn the characters.
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