Don't stop! eighth note!~~ by zhichao yang


Don"t Stop! Eighth cảnh báo is a screaming game for iOS & Android devices with extremely chất lượng gameplay. Players need to lớn shout loudly, the bigger the score, the more absolute scores.

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Recently, on the mạng internet community, Facebook is transferring hands khổng lồ the practice game Don"t Stop! Eighth chú ý is fun khổng lồ have sầu incomparable, for iOS and Android devices. Under the image of the extremely familiar single note in the music box, author Zhenhua Yuan turned it inkhổng lồ a moving object, flying lượt thích characters in other games.

Besides, the gameplay of the game also creates a chất lượng attraction. You won"t need khổng lồ use your hvà to control that single note, but use your own voice. Whether the single hook passes all obstacles or not depends on the pitch & pitch of the player. The louder the sound is, the longer it is, the easier it is lớn cross obstacles, the easier it is khổng lồ score. Let"s network administrators lớn shout in the fun game tutorial Don"t Stop! Eighth chú ý below.

Let"s train with the game Don"t Stop! Eighth lưu ý on PC

Guide lớn games screaming Don"t Stop! Eighth Note

Step 1:

First of all, we will download the game Don"t Stop! Eighth Note for iOS & Android following the liên kết below. lưu ý to the user, the tải về tệp tin for Android will be the game android tệp tin.

Download the game Don"t Stop! Eighth chú ý iOSDownload the game Don"t Stop! Eighth cảnh báo for Android

Step 2:

Then you just need lớn launch the game khổng lồ experience. First, the game will require users lớn allow the use of Micro, cliông xã OK lớn agree.


After that, the screen of the screen showing how to lớn play Don"t Stop! Eighth lưu ý, clichồng I Know It .


Step 3:

Soon, you will have access khổng lồ the main interface of Don"t Stop! Eighth Note. The game has a very simple interface, only two black and Trắng colors are the main ones. The game will provide you with 2 modes of play: Endless Mode , endless obstacle course và Stage Mode with 10 different timers. First of all, please cliông xã Endless Mode to lớn get familiar with Don"t Stop! Eighth cảnh báo.


Step 4:

As soon as you enter the main interface of the game your task will be lớn say anything or shout to lớn help Eighth chú ý move on the road. However, to help our game characters go faster and further, you should shout instead of speaking. Above will be the number of points the player can record. Just Eighth lưu ý move that you have scored for yourself. The Sensitivity adjustment bar changes the sensitivity of the sound output.

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Step 5:

During the journey there will be many obstacles, such as the deep hole you need khổng lồ take the Eighth lưu ý to lớn the other side safely. Flying objects need to lớn use screaming voices lớn avoid them.


Going further, the obstacles will become more difficult, need players khổng lồ adjust their screams so skillfully, the height & the length of the voice just right to be able khổng lồ travel long distances, bởi vì not touch Any obstacle or pass through deep pits is safe.


Step 6:

When finishing a stage if the player accidentally falls into lớn a hole or hits an obstacle, you will get the total score, along with 2 options Retry replayed from the beginning và Revive sầu x2 revives the maximum player character 2 times.


In addition, Stage Mode play mode will give you 10 different game levels. The goal of each màn chơi is that you will need to lớn race time with the Eighth lưu ý, bringing the character khổng lồ the red triangle icon in the fasdemo time. We also need lớn overcome obstacles, but will be affected by time.


The higher the màn chơi, the more obstacles you will have. It also makes it difficult for gamers to control characters lớn a safe destination. Try khổng lồ shout so cleverly, loudly & for as long as possible.


How to play Don"t Stop! Eighth chú ý scored high:

As said, Don"t Stop! Eighth Note is completely different from obstacle games, that is, the player will have to use his shout lớn control the character. Basically don"t play Don"t Stop! Eighth lưu ý that only you can shout. However, it depends on the path you want to shout.

When you shout khổng lồ control the character, we will score for ourselves. With deep pits, we need to shout out loud and long khổng lồ safely take the Eighth lưu ý lớn the other side.Note , if Eighth chú ý is at risk of falling inkhổng lồ a hole, hurry và shout out loudly khổng lồ bring the character khổng lồ safety. However, with the Eighth chú ý case falling too deep, shouting is also meaningless.

In addition, the adjustment of the yoke is also necessary, the part that needs to be shouted, the short shouting also helps the Eighth Note overcome obstacles easily. Experience và try to lớn see if you get the highest score in the game Don"t Stop! How much is the Eighth Note?