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By Liam Wiseman
Classic Square Enix JRPGs Final Fantasy V và Final Fantasy VI will be removed from Steam khổng lồ make way for the new Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series of the first six Final Fantasy games.

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The Pixel Remaster series was announced to be arriving in July in a short trailer that Square Enix uploaded to lớn YouTube và then quickly pulled. Eagle eyed fans quickly then noticed that two games in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI, had had their Steam pages updated to state that the games would be removed và “no longer available for purchase after July 27, 2021”.

Whilst it’s obviously unfortunate that the games will be removed from digital storefronts to make way for the Pixel Remaster versions, the Steam versions of Final Fantasy V và Final Fantasy VI were not held in particularly high regard by fans of the franchise. Both games came khổng lồ PC in 2015, và whilst it was great to have sầu them in a more accessible format, the games were immediately criticised for reducing the chất lượng of the original art, creating a washed-out effect that diminished the overall style of the graphics, and for being very basic ports of the sản phẩm điện thoại releases. Generally, they don’t hold a candle khổng lồ the classic pixel art of the originals.

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Square Enix’s new Pixel Remaster series of the first six Final Fantasy games were first announced at its E3 Square Enix Presents show, & was not well-received by fans either. The main focus of the backlash stemmed from the fact that the games are heading exclusively to Mobile devices and PC, and will not be available on consoles. Fans have been crying out for console versions of the classic Final Fantasy titles for years now, as they have been locked khổng lồ Smartphone and PC for years now. Whilst Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, X, and XII are all available lớn purchase on the lathử nghiệm systems of consoles, the original Final Fantasy titles are still nowhere to lớn be seen.

Interestingly, Final Fantasy games that have sầu received updated versions, such as the 3 chiều remakes of Final Fantasy III và IV (that first released on DS, then later PSP.. and PC), will be left untouched on Steam & will continue to be available lớn purchase. However, III and IV will also be receiving the Pixel Remaster treatment, so it seems lượt thích customers will have sầu the choice khổng lồ decide which versions of the games they want khổng lồ play.

Whilst we don’t yet have a confirmed release date for the Pixel Remaster series, it’s likely we’ll see them arrive sầu on July 27, when the Steam versions of Final Fantasy V và VI are delisted. Personally, I just want lớn see the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy come to lớn PS5. Where's that, Square Enix?

Liam Wiseman is a Freelance News Writer for, và likes Final Fantasy XIII more than he probably should. You can follow hyên ổn on Twitter

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