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The mô tả tìm kiếm of Tam Quốc Chí 2

The chất lượng Vietnamese role-playing trò chơi Tam Quoc “Chan Tam Quoc 2” has appeared!

“Three Kingdoms Truths 2” is based on Cong Thanh khổng lồ promote trò chơi development. In addition khổng lồ the traditional gameplay, the old & new additions the khung of the SLG national battle map. The perfect combination of card battles and fully không lấy phí sandbox battles, rich and varied combat experiences, let you return to the Three Kingdoms of Heaven, victory & defeat in the blink of an eye. Currently Tam Quoc 2 Chan was officially released in Vietnam with the cooperation signing of NPH HRGame and NPH Funtap


Truly restore the land of the Three Kingdoms, more than 300 generals available lớn recruit, and 1000vs1000 armies to lớn fight instantly!Each bản đồ has 10,000 players in the same country, và only one person unifies the Three Kingdoms!


Hundreds of generals created by famous artist Show off heroic posture of general ==Invited world-famous artists lớn work together lớn draw, debuting more than 300 characters of the Three Kingdoms. Each general has independent & unique skills, and proper general coordination is the key to lớn victory.

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3D & authentic simulation, experience the most authentic Three Kingdoms war ==Upgrading the comprehensive 3d model, to satisfy the overall visual, is also the busy và chaotic expression of the Three Kingdoms Period, in addition, the army uses independent computational AI to make the battle more strategic. .


National war ally, in Trung Nguyen, proclaimed king proclaimed king

In the game, players can join the Confederacy & only the Alliance is eligible khổng lồ participate in large-scale battles like Castle Wars và Warring States.

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In the National War mode, the alliance will together compete for neutral cities on the map, cities are divided into three categories: Town, Citadel & Imperial City, which will produce a lot of game resources every day. . Only the strongest Confederacy could capture the only royal city: Luoyang.


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