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Y8 Games is a game publisher & game developer. The Y8 platsize has a social network of 30 million players and growing. The trang web also has lượt thích cartoons, gameplay videos, and game walkthroughs.

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The truyền thông catalog is growing daily as are released hourly. As Y8.com has a long history, we have sầu been recording the social phenomenon of browser games because games are an important artistic medium và can explain what people were lượt thích in a different time period.Y8 is known for game genres like games. This genre was a popular category from the early start of Y8.com. Another highly viewed category is the page with fashion, dress up, và slặng games. More recently, the và pages have sầu grown in popularity.At Y8, we host thousands of older.

However, the site now has a great khuyến mãi of for Mobile devices. Some other exciting game engine platforms we support are and.Don"t forget khổng lồ register your Y8 Account. It"s the social network that supports the player community.

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About Balloon Monkey Player Pack 5Bloons Player Paông xã 5 is another game Nin-Ja Kiwi và they bring us one more collection of mainly player designed levels in the lademo Player Pack which is a special Christmas edition. The player made bloon levels are now hugely popular and there is now a large population of advanced game cấp độ players who are turning their skills hands to developing their own levels.Nin-Ja Kiwi selects the best ones & shares them with other players in the Player Pack series of games. Most of the player designed levels are now getting very difficult many seem to lớn be making them as hard as possible. Of course, there are always the online walkthrough videos & articles to help.All of the balloons regulars are back, ice bloons, triple darts, lightsabre, mines, bombs, Pac-Man all make their return as bởi vì solid walls, rubber walls và brown bricks which can be shot out of the walls. The additional features launched with Player Paông chồng 4 are also here in this game.Once again we welcome the ever popular monkey who is anxiously awaiting his time lớn begin throwing darts and popping bloons và sports his Christmas hat. As with previous versions, despite being player designed levels, the brothers have compiled this pack as a mixture of skill levels so the progression is not linear, giving the player a little respite between different skill và frustration levels.The controls are the just the same as those found in other versions of the game, mouse cliông chồng left & hold to direct & make the dart being thrown more powerful.

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The red arrow which appears guides the player as to the power of the throw. When you release the mouse button the dart will be thrown by the monkey in the direction the player has indicated & at the power set by the mouse drag.As before in the other monkey player packs, when the Pac-Man blooms are released the arrow keys "steer" the Pac-Man và he has a limited time available to use his power lớn gobble up almost everything in front of him. We decided that we will Đánh Giá the PC version of this multi-platsize game again as that version is the traditional flash game. Again, there are 50 levels and each has a target number of bloons to pop.The most difficult levels in balloon monkey player pack 5 are cấp độ 10 because one has to remember to lớn be logical and a difficult last shot. Level 29 is tricky because you only have sầu two darts & have sầu to clear a screen full of ice bloons. Level 40 is perhaps one of the most difficult ones to complete in this game.Player Pachồng 5 is quite a teaser and frustrating in parts, but please remember the game stays with the original concept where the player can repeat or skip levels or opt for the easy way out & use unlimited darts. The game is also a refreshing change of scenery as it is all designed around the Christmas theme.