Gta rp: 5 best roleplay servers and how to join them

GTA RPhường has made a return khổng lồ Twitch, and viewers are looking khổng lồ get involved. But what’s the best server? Well, here’s a few of the best.

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The launch of NoPixel’s 3.0 update has sparked interest in GTA RP. once again, as streamers và viewers have been pouring into lớn Twitch’s GTA section, and cementing in the most-viewed games.

NoPixel, which is the standout hệ thống for GTA RP.., has been around for a few years, and each time they drop a major update, players want to get in on the fun và have sầu a go for themselves.

Though, it’s incredibly tough. NoPixel has almost 200 hệ thống slots for players, but getting whitelisted và accepted is no easy feat. You’ve got lớn donate và go through a rigorous application process before you can prove sầu your RPhường skills. However, some servers are a little easier khổng lồ get inlớn.

Rockstar Games‘NoPixel is GTA RP’s premier roleplay VPS.

Eclipse RP

Other servers might not have sầu some of NoPixel’s features, but the premise is the same. You drop inkhổng lồ GTA V via the FiveM VPS menu, create a character, và roleplay to your heart’s content. All within the server’s rules, of course.

One hệ thống that does come cthất bại is Eclipse. Just lượt thích NoPixel, there are plenty of ways khổng lồ make money, spkết thúc it, and have a fun RP.. experience.

It’s got a massive hệ thống capađô thị, as well as a dedicated diễn đàn & Discord so that you can get involved. It’s a simple one khổng lồ jump into lớn as well, just join the site, Discord, and make yourself known.

MafiaCity GTA RP

Aside from Eclipse, there is also MafiaCity. This VPS is, again, roleplay-heavy, but it has some differences to the others.

For one, it’s hosted on the Rage mode và not FiveM, so NPCs can be done away with. Plus, there are unlimited possibilities when it comes khổng lồ roles. You can be a terrible criminal as easily as you can a police officer or a firefighter.

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Again, it’s simple lớn get involved. Just have the Rage mod downloaded, and you can join the VPS from their trang web. Though, introduce yourself on the Forum and Discord so you’re not a stranger.

GTA World RP

Now, if you’re not too comfortable with switching your mic on & acting with others, then GTA World might be for you.

In terms of top tier RP’ers, its a little more barebones than the other servers out there, but the roleplaying possibilities are pretty unique, given you have khổng lồ type out your thoughts rather than chat,

The VPS does offer plenty of nội dung though, as lượt thích with others, you can khuyễn mãi giảm giá with businesses, factions, và customize things to your hearts nội dung. GTA World is available through Rage too, not FiveM and lượt thích the others has a Forum & Discord to lớn get involved with.


If you’re looking for something that is a little more open & wild, then LucidCity could be an option. Like others, it’s on the FiveM menu, và is pretty open to lớn join.

The server has a lot of the NoPixel features, plus a few of their own, và even incorporates Cayo Periteo from the normal GTA Online mode. Just lượt thích the others, you’re best off joining their forums & Discord và introducing yourself before going on a crime spree.


‘NoPixel‘ has become the most well-known GTA RP hệ thống và has pretty much spearheaded the rise of GTA RPhường. However, getting accepted inkhổng lồ this server is no easy feat. There are 200 player spots offered in No Pixel, and 32 players are supported at a time.

To join this server, you must go through an application process as well as make a donation. With this kind of exclusivity, it’s no wonder why popular streamers lượt thích xQc and Sykkuno are hệ thống regulars.

There are plenty of other, smaller servers too, it’s just about finding the right one.

You might run into lớn a few where it’s pretty crazy & no one cares for the rules, so cửa hàng around.

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