Harry potter and the goblet of fire review


It's a worthwhile platforming experience for hardcore Potter fans, but some may be put off by all the collection quests & backtracking.

By Bob Colayco on November 30, 2005 at 2:37PM PST

As Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, & Hermione Granger enter their fourth year at Hogwarts School of Wizardry và Witchcraft, new challenges await them, both "professional" & personal.

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The Harry Potter và the Goblet of Fire video game sticks strictly khổng lồ the adventure aspects of the story, never touching upon the sticky relationship drama that makes up key subplots in the novel and the film. You"ll still have plenty to bởi vì in the game, though: Guide the trio of young wizards through various locales, fight magical creatures, solve puzzles, và usher Harry through the Triwizard Tournament challenges just before a climactic showdown with Lord Voldemort himself. Though the collection aspects of the trò chơi are a drag at times, The Goblet of Fire still does enough to lớn keep Potter fans engaged throughout.

You"ll explore various levels looking for Triwizard shields.

Graphically, The Goblet of Fire is competent, excelling the most in its environment. For example, as you scale the towers and roofs of Hogwarts, you can see the surrounding buildings of the school grounds in the distance. The rồng that chases you through your first play of the Forbidden Forest is also quite imposing và impressive visually. Spell effects also look impressive, making use of particles và other lighting effects. However, the character models look pretty small on screen và don"t animate particularly well.

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What"s most disappointing is that the game never leverages any truyền thông from the film, aside from still shots used to decorate the cards. The cutscenes in the trò chơi are comic-like in their style, not unlike the cover art of the books. Though they still offer an air of authenticity, the frugal nature of the cutscenes seems oddly deflating given the visual splendor Potter fans have come to expect from the films. The four platforms look quite similar in general, with the Xbox and PC versions offering the sharpest graphics, and the PS2 và GameCube versions looking somewhat muddier in comparison. As far as sound goes, the spells & creature effects seem pretty good, as does the music used in the menus and during cutscenes. The voice acting used in the trò chơi can get somewhat repetitive over time.

As a platformer aimed at the younger crowd of Potter fans, The Goblet of Fire does a good job at delivering an experience that is in line with the plot of the books. Even if you"re an older fan of the Harry Potter books, the game is still worth checking out, especially if you"ve got two other friends to play the game in three-player cooperative mode. It"s definitely not quite as awe-inspiring an experience as seeing the films, but if you want a more interactive take on what it might be like to be in the world of magic, The Goblet of Fire video clip game will suit you just fine.