Kể chuyện tấm cám bằng tiếng anh

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The main charater is a girl named Tam, her life was full of sorrow và misery but at the over she had found the happiness in her life. She was motherless, và after her father was gone, she lived with sterpmother"s control. With the god"s help. Tam became the Queen but her sterpmother did not leave her alone. She tried to lớn kill Tam and had some successful time. But finnally Tam came bachồng khổng lồ her life. Meanwhile, the King found Tam was not died và took her trang chính. And this time, she fought baông xã lớn her stepmother. Afterall, her stepmother and her sterpmother"s daughter died.

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A man married again, and his second wife gave sầu birth khổng lồ a child as dark as rice bran, so the baby was named Cám. He also has a very beautiful baby daughter named Tấm, which means broken rice, from his first wife. When Tấm"s father"s affection for his first daughter diminished soon after (due to lớn the influence of his second wife) & the stepmother began lớn abuse Tấm & forced her lớn bởi vì all the housework, while Cám lived in luxury. Her hatred for Tnóng intensified by the fact that Tấm was much more beautiful than her own daughter Cám, even though Tấm was forced lớn vì all the laboring under the sun.

One day, the stepmother sent Tấm & Cám fishing, promising lớn reward the girl who caught the most fish with a new yếm. Cám knew her mother would never punish her, therefore instead of trying khổng lồ catch fish, she bathed carelessly in the river while Tnóng was working hard. When Cám noticed all the fish Tấm had caught, Cám advised Tnóng khổng lồ wash the mud out of her hair or else she would be scolded by their mother. As Tấm went out to lớn the river lớn wash her hair, Cám poured all the fish Tnóng had caught into her own basket and ran trang chính.

Upon discovering she had been tricked, Tnóng sobbed until a fairy guardian appeared khổng lồ her & comforted her. She told Tấm to look inkhổng lồ her basket khổng lồ discover the one remaining little goby. She then told Tnóng to take the fish trang chủ & put it inlớn the well at the bachồng of the house, reciting a special poem/greeting whenever she came to feed it, which meant:

"Goby, goby! Come eat the golden rice, the silver rice of mine. Don"t eat stale rice, old porridge that are not mine."

Everyday, Tấm would come out lớn the well a few times to lớn feed the goby, always reciting the greeting beforeh& so that the goby would come up from the water. The fish grew fatter everyday and the stepmother began to suspect Tấm"s behavior. One day, the stepmother snuông xã out cthua kém to where Tnóng was feeding the fish. She waited until Tnóng was gone, và went over lớn the well, finding nothing. She then repeated the greeting she had heard Tnóng reciting, & to lớn her delight, saw the goby come up from the water. The stepmother then caught & killed it and put it in her rice porridge.

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When Tnóng discovered this, she broke inkhổng lồ sobs. Buddha again appeared lớn Tnóng and consoled her, & instructed her khổng lồ salvage the bones of the carp and bury them in four separate jars underneath each corner of her bed.

A short while later, the king proclaimed a festival. The stepmother and Cám went, but Tnóng was left to lớn sort a huge basket ofgreen & black beans. The fairy guardian appeared again và transformed a handful of dust inkhổng lồ sparrows, then instructed Tấm khổng lồ dig out her four jars. From the first jar, Tấm got a beautiful xanh & silver gown, a silk yếm & a silk scarf; from the second, a pair of golden slippers; from the third, a richly ornamented saddle và bridle; and from the fourth, a fine horse. Tnóng dressed herself and hastened to the feast, arousing the curiosity & admiration of everyone present, but the envy & jealousy of her own sister & stepmother. She left at once, but while crossing a stream she dropped one slipper.

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The slipper flowed along the river until it reached the king"s garden, và was picked up by one of the king"s attendants. The king proclaimed that any maiden whose foot fit the slipper would be made his queen. Every eligible lady who had gone lớn the festival tried the slipper, including Cám, but all lớn no avail. Suddenly, a very beautiful stranger appeared whose foot fit perfectly into lớn the slipper (not lớn mention on her other foot was adorned the corresponding slipper of the same make). Her stepmother & Cám were shocked lớn discover the mysterious lady was no other than Tnóng. Tnóng was immediately brought on the royal palanquin khổng lồ the imperial palace for a grand wedding celebration, right in front of her seething stepmother and stepsister.

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