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Additionally, roughly half of marketers plan to invest more in live audio chat rooms such as Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces in 2022.

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Consider how you might leverage alternative forms of content in 2022. Beyond visual elements like videos & posts, demo out audio nội dung to see if there"s an interest from your buyer persona.

9. Social selling demands will grow.

Over the past few years, social platforms have worked hard lớn create native shopping experiences so users can purchase products without ever leaving their sites.

Consider, for instance, Instagram"s Shoppable Stories, where you can tap on a product sticker khổng lồ purchase without leaving the app.

Other platforms have invested in native advertising khổng lồ ensure a more seamless experience for users. TikTok, for instance, created an advertising format called Spark Ads, which allows brands khổng lồ boost the profile of existing organic content.

As we enter 2022, we"ll see more brands leverage social selling to reach users whenever — and wherever — they"re ready khổng lồ buy. If your users prefer purchasing your products from Instagram, why not let them?

10. Consumers will crave snackable content.

In 2020, we saw the rise of TikTok và Instagram Reels, continued engagement on Stories nội dung from Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, và brands creating other short-form or "snackable" pieces of content to educate consumers about their brand.

As social truyền thông media attention spans continue khổng lồ shrink and more people scroll endlessly through feeds while bored at home, don"t expect snackable nội dung to thua kém steam anytime soon.

To learn more about four types of snackable content your brand should leverage next year, kiểm tra out this helpful post.

Which Trends are Losing Steam?

Now that we"ve covered a few trends that will take off in 2022, let"s explore a few trends that seem khổng lồ be losing steam.

1. Ephemeral Content Research found that 67% of B2B & 41% of B2C marketers say they"ll stop using ephemeral content (i.e. Disappearing content, such as Instagram Stories) in 2022.

It"s difficult to lớn create high-quality, engaging content, so some marketers might find it"s not worth the effort to lớn create nội dung that will disappear in 24 hours. If you find your ROI isn"t high enough for ephemeral content, consider testing out longer-term types of content, lượt thích videos or posts.

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2. Interviews and Expert Discussions

Finally, Research found 48% of B2B and 56% of B2C marketers say they"ll stop conducting interviews, podcasts, or expert discussions.

Interviews, podcasts, and expert discussions can be incredibly effective for increasing brand awareness or reaching new audiences — but it"s also time-consuming, & it can be difficult lớn track metrics related to lớn sales.

Some marketers may have decided that the cost for production wasn"t worth it for their businesses, particularly if their specific audience isn"t interested in listening to long-form audio content.

Starting a podcast makes a lot of sense for some brands, but others might find better ROI with other marketing strategies, such as video clip or e-mail marketing. Ultimately, you"ll want to bởi what"s best for your audience.

How lớn Capitalize on 2023 Social Media marketing Trends

Now that we"ve covered some of the most popular social media trends you"ll see in 2022, let"s recap steps you can take to leverage these trends to lớn boost your own social activity.

Here are a few steps your social team can take to leverage these trends, attract new audiences, and build a larger following:

Leverage đoạn clip whenever possible. People love đoạn phim right now, especially live đoạn phim content, which feels especially authentic. Test out live clip channels lượt thích IGTV or Facebook Live khổng lồ see how they perform.Create relatable content. Don"t be afraid khổng lồ show a different side khổng lồ your brand. Highlight customer stories; talk about your company"s larger mission or purpose; give us a "day in the life" of one of your employees. Go beyond your product or service to create a deeper connection with your audience.Use design elements for snackable content. Test out memes, gifs, short videos, quick quizzes, fun infographics, etc. To lớn figure out how you might attract, and hold, an audience"s attention even when they"re scrolling quickly through their feeds.

Finally, consider exploring new or unexpected social platforms to reach new audiences.

As"s Senior Manager of Brand Social Kelly Hendrickson told me, "I expect we"ll see brands further exploring channels outside of the pay-to-play kingpins: Facebook and Instagram. With ongoing public scrutiny, a lengthy outage, and increased concern around data privacy when it comes to lớn Facebook, brands may turn to lớn channels that their audience trusts — channels like Reddit, Pinterest, & Discord."

Navigating Social media in 2023

Today, the world around us is constantly changing. And, although we think we know what khổng lồ expect with social media, this list of trends is likely not exhaustive of what we"ll see in 2022.

As a social media marketer, the best thing you can bởi vì is lớn continue khổng lồ research trends, online consumer behaviors, & your team"s social truyền thông media data lớn determine which trends or strategies to lean into or how to lớn navigate unprecedented online scenarios.

One great place to lớn start doing this research could be our & Talkwalker"s recent Social media Trends Report.

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