Manowar Corsair is a professional conference for those involved in đoạn phim game creation: developers, publishers, trò chơi designers, artists, bizdevs, recruiters, producers, & many other professionals.

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Participants will have the opportunity to learn about modern approaches to lớn the study of computer games. The conference will raise fundamentally important questions & offer a number of ideas significant for the research of games as a phenomenon of contemporary socio-cultural reality. The conference will demonstrate the advantages of interdisciplinary interaction and comprehensive study of the phenomenon of computer games, both in a wide range of classical methodologies and in the specific discourses of the humanities.



Recipe for the Perfect Combat Pass. An analyst’s perspective.

Many developers use the mechanics of seasonal updates. It’s often referred khổng lồ as a combat pass. Nowadays you can even find it in farms, sitibliders, & casual projects.


What are the difficulties of international expansion for game companies, and how khổng lồ cope with them?

Presentation of the results of the study “Global clip Game Development Industry: Trends, Technology, Outlook”, conducted by Labs in cooperation with the British research agency Censuswide.


Design Analysis in trò chơi Development

It is hard to lớn imagine the game industry without a modern phối of product metrics, analyzing user behavior. A similar approach can be applied lớn the trò chơi development process – to collect data on the rate of production of nội dung units, labor productivity, the difference between planned và actual costs.


If you’re lượt thích most trò chơi developers, you want to lớn make a good impression on customers & reviewers of your games. But often, inexperienced developers makeView More

World-wide, the video game industry is one of the fastest-growing industries. There is a huge demand for skilled trò chơi developers. This creates a never-ending cycleView More

Since the first time the term Virtual Reality công nghệ was introduced not as a bare concept, but as something actually invented, it has been winningView More

Today, online entertainments take an impressively huge part of our lives – especially in 2020, when the offline events và entertainments have been considerably limited.View More

Blizzard has had an ongoing scandal involving allegations of discrimination and harassment against women for weeks. Two executives, including a woman, Jen O’Neill of Vicarious Visions, are stepping in lớn replace the head of the company

The attack resulted in attackers gaining access to 780 gigabytes of data, including the source code of the game engine Frostbite and tools for the development of soccer simulator FIFA 21, reports the TV channel.


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Mentors Dialogue

Mentors Dialogue is a quality format of communication with game industry specialists. During a one-on-one session, you’ll get a chance lớn ask professionals from the industry of interest any questions you want. You arrange 30-minute online meetings with selected experts lớn get feedback on your project, tips for kickstarting your career, or advice on any burning issue.
Manowar Corsair is a professional conference for those involved in video clip game creation: developers, publishers, game designers, artists, bizdevs, recruiters, producers, and many other professionals.