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What do you want first: the good news or the bad news? Let"s start with the bad, shall we - Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes" main chiến dịch isn"t two hours long. For a lot of players it will be even shorter. The good news? After eight hours, it remains fun - if only just.

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Let"s get the facts out of the way. Ground Zeroes" main campaign is a single mission. Depending on one"s play style và a bit of luchồng, this could realistically be completed in under an hour. Others will take it slow, experiment and maybe start over every time they"re spotted. Under these conditions it could last upwards of four hours. It took me about two and a half, when I played it at Konami"s camp in Nasu, nhật bản. But here"s the twist: Ground Zeroes" main mission is only a tiny sliver of what the game has lớn offer.

Upon completing it, you"ll unloông xã four side missions set in the same environment. Some of these are entirely combat-focused, while others are stealth-based. Some flesh out the series" incredibly convoluted narrative, while others are silly one-off scenarios. All range between 15 & 45 minutes, & come with their own truncated end credits sequence as well as the series" trademark cryptic audio easter eggs teasing further plot revelations upon completion. Irritatingly, the two best side missions are split between console-exclusive bonuses and are stupidly difficult to lớn unlochồng, but more on that later.

Taking these bonus missions inkhổng lồ consideration roughly doubles the two-hour playtime, but it"s after that where things get lean. Sure, there are banal-sounding trials like competing on the leaderboards for who can tag all the enemies the quickest, & you can tackle harder difficulties or scavenge for hidden trinkets, but there"s only so much one maps can support before a sense of ennui wears in.

Ground Zeroes is mercifully brief on cutscenes, excluding its lengthy intro and closer. Unfortunately, many of its best bits have been shown off in trailers for The Phantom Pain, further establishing that this prologue was never conceived as a standalone release.

Short và confusing may not the be most ringing endorsement of Ground Zeroes, but the truth is once you get past its micro scale & bewildering back-story, this prelude khổng lồ MGS5 delivers the goods in ways the series has only hinted at in the past.

Too small lớn really be considered an open-world, Ground Zeroes is still an open màn chơi, with its wide terrain hosting a spaghetti-lượt thích pattern of routes devoted to different play-styles. Since your main mission"s goal is so simple - rescue two kids - it leaves the player entirely on their own as lớn how to lớn bởi this. One of your targets is vaguely marked on your bản đồ, while the other is further hidden. It"s an excuse to explore the map in further detail.

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Like any good Metal Gear, the more you put into lớn it the more you get out of it. Even after eight hours on this maps I was still discovering new strategies. I won"t spoil them, as figuring these for yourself is much of the fun - but let"s just say that Konami capped its pĐánh Giá sự kiện by showing a skilled member of the dev team race through the main mission in under 18 minutes without raising a single alert. Naturally, he utilised a lot of secret techniques that hinted at just how deep this rabbit hole goes.

Before you start piecing together its detailed systems, you"ll notice that the basic mechanics và kiến thiết have sầu been minimised since MGS4, a decision that"s sure lớn be divisive. You no longer have a camouflage percent dictating how hidden you are, so you"ll have to rely on trial và error to lớn gauge the effect things lượt thích darkness và shrubbery have on your concealment. Snake also doesn"t have a "stamina" or "psyche" meter this time around, nor does he have a radar. Instead, players must zoom in with binoculars khổng lồ "tag" enemies, making their movements visible even behind walls.

Kojima boasts that JJ Abrams has complimented hyên ổn on his use of lens flare. No, really.

Elsewhere, the formerly near-sighted enemies are now better equipped for open terrain and can spot you from further away, especially if they"re manning searchlights. Further stacking the odds against you, aiming is a lot harder lớn pull off from a distance as bullets are affected by distance and gravity. In order khổng lồ get that delicious insta-snooze headshot with your MK22, you"ll have to lớn alặng a smidge in front of or above sầu an enemy"s noggin. Thankfully, the punishment for a missed shot is less severe than it used to be, with foes sometimes attributing a stray tranquilizer dart to a mosquito lớn.

Another neat detail this more open format brings with it is player-controlled extraction points. At any time Snake can sumtháng a chopper khổng lồ specific landing zones where he can leave the area or deposit POWs. The first time this happens it feels lượt thích a scripted sự kiện, but by the kết thúc of the main mission it shows its true colours as a slice of true tactical decision making. Do you try to clear out a landing zone of its enemy population, or do you try to lớn carry someone khổng lồ a more remote location further away? Perhaps you"ll be able lớn clear out just enough enemy forces that even if the helicopter is under attachồng you can make one risky push for it amid enemy fire? If you go with plan C, is disabling the enemy"s anti-air turrets enough or should you risk making a scene by planting C4 on that tank? Ground Zeroes" small world is packed with such choices.

Outside of the core game a decision you may be making is which platkhung to lớn get Ground Zeroes on. Digital Foundry will have sầu the graphics và performance comparison, so I"ll focus on each console manufacturer"s exclusive sầu bonus missions.

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