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July 8, 2022: Due to hostile behavior from Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., owner of Rockstar Games, Inc., I will no longer provide any kind of support or updates for this mod. It"s been an amazing run, with almost 200,000 downloads, my constant technical support to all users for 3 years, & who knows how many additional copies of the trò chơi sold for the publisher, all in my không tính tiền time và donating my personal effort... But Take-Two saw fit to lớn kill it off anyway, along with the comparable gifts that so many other modders made lớn the player base và thus indirectly to lớn them, because that is the way they operate. Feel free to liên hệ them if you wish khổng lồ play the trò chơi in VR, I"m sure they"ll have an official port coming in the next 20 years or so, và it will have spectacular next-gen graphics ;-)

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Table of contentsQuick setupIn-game HUDKeyboard/mouse, controller, aimingRecentering your view in VRCutscenesPosition tracking, animations, và the player"s toàn thân modelI see oto wheels in the sky, WTF?!Advanced tweaking và hotkeysMore advanced graphics tweakingEven more advanced resolution tweakingFixes included in the R.E.A.L. ModFAQI am an experienced GTA modder and I wish to lớn contribute, where vì chưng I begin?Credits

Quick setupI recommend that you start from a clean installation of the game, updated to lớn the current version (1.0.2245.0), with no other mods present. Then if you wish, after you"re confident that everything works correctly in VR with the R.E.A.L. Mod, you can try mixing it up with other mods that you like, although I cannot guarantee that there will be no incompatibilities (a sure source of problems for example would be trying to use additional mods that modify the camera FOV). If you"re unable to update the game for some reason, old versions down to lớn 1.0.1180.2 should also work, but I can"t give you much support there.Before installing the mod, boot up the trò chơi normally on your monitor & make the following important adjustments khổng lồ the settings; when you"re done, exit the trò chơi again:
Gamepad> Targeting Mode : free AimSettings> Camera> First Person Head Bobbing : OffSettings> Camera> First Person Third Person Cover : OnSettings> Camera> First Person Vehicle Hood : Off">Settings> Gamepad> Targeting Mode : không tính tiền AimSettings> Camera> First Person Head Bobbing : OffSettings> Camera> First Person Third Person Cover : OnSettings> Camera> First Person Vehicle Hood : Off