Lol Ping Test

League of Legends is an online game và while Riot Games' has tried khổng lồ optimize it as best as possible, you might still be experiencing high ping. How can you fix these issues?

League of Legends is an online game, which means that you need khổng lồ have sầu a decent connection to the servers for the game khổng lồ function. Sometimes you’ll experience pretty awful gameplay because of a thing everyone calls ‘high ping’.

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But, what does that even mean? What is considered a ‘high ping’ & when does it start lớn impact gameplay? And the most important question of all — if we experience high ping, how vị we fix it? Let’s go over all the details, so you know how khổng lồ have sầu the best in-game experience next time you boot up League of Legends.

What Is Ping In League of Legends?

Ping is a term synonymous to latency. It basically means the time it takes data lớn be transmitted from your device, to lớn the hệ thống & then back to lớn your device. So, the longer it takes for data to be transmitted & bounced baông chồng, the worse your ping is.

Latency is counted in milliseconds (ms) and is extremely significant for online games. Especially ones like League of Legends where any second of lag can mean life or death. Seriously, a Blitzcrank hook can come out of nowhere.

Now, one thing that is important lớn note as well, is that we have the ping that means latency in League of Legends, but there are also pings’ in LoL with which you can quickly communicate your intent within the game. Just so we’re on the same page, we are not talking about those types of pings today.

Are Ping And FPS related?

Ping & FPS are not the same thing. While you want lớn have sầu an extremely low ping when playing online games, you’ll want a high FPS number. FPS stands for frames per second & refers to lớn the rate at which back khổng lồ baông chồng images appear on a display.

Take old-school animated films that were filmed frame-by-frame the rougher the movements between images are the choppier the animation will be. This goes for standards today as well. To have a game running smoothly, you’ll want high FPS numbers.

Where To Cheông xã Ping In League of Legends

Now let’s move onto lớn the important stuff. Where can we kiểm tra the ping in League of Legends? Well, follow these steps, và you’ll be able lớn see if your game is running smoothly:

Start a game of LeaguePress CTRL + FThe ping time and FPS should be displayed in the top right corner of your screen.

If that didn’t work, then you’ll have to lớn go bachồng to lớn the League client và follow these steps to lớn enable the CTRL + F display hotkey.

Go to lớn LoL ClientClichồng the Settings menu in the top right cornerGo on the Hotkeys tab và scroll down to lớn DisplayOpen the drop-down menuSet the Hotkey for Toggle FPS Display khổng lồ CTRL + FStart the game & press the newly set hotkeys lớn see Ping và FPS


Once the Ping moved up inkhổng lồ the high 100s & anything above it is considered bad ping or high ping, and it will make games completely unplayable.

Why Do You Have sầu Bad Ping?

There are multiple reasons why you could be experiencing high ping. Either your internet connection is dogs*** or you’re playing on the Oceania VPS while living in Europe. Of course, there could be some issues with the Riot servers as well, which is why we’ve also got a list of all error codes for you khổng lồ check out.

So, let’s go over some reasons that cause high ping in Riot Games’ MOBA — và if we’re honest, with any other online game.

ReasonsBad Ping
Outdated PatchLeague of Legends is constantly evolving with new patches. If you manage to start a game before patching khổng lồ the newest one, you’ll likely experience high latency.

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Router IssuesIf your router is in an error state, the game won’t be able to lớn transmit data properly, which is why you might even get an error message và high ping… you might even get disconnected from the game itself.
Bandwidth Consuming ApplicationsIf you’re playing League while there are other applications open in the background, they could be eating away at your bandwidth, which will make you experience high ping
Proxy & VPN servicesWhile League of Legends can run on proxy servers và VPNs, there is a chance that you can experience high ping when using these.
You live sầu in GermanyAnyone living in Germany can atthử nghiệm to this one.

Those are just a few examples of reasons that you could be experiencing ping in your League of Legends games. So now we’ve got to lớn figure out how to fix them, right?

How to Fix Bad Ping in League of Legends

To fix bad ping, you’ll need a stable and decent internet connection. That is a given, but there are quite a few other ways to lớn fix your ping. As you just read, there are many reasons why ping is bad, and we need lớn tackle all of them!


This one is quite simple. You’ll be able to have a much better experience playing on the newest patch. If you somehow manage to get into lớn a game without updating the patch, then hat’s off lớn you. Riot usually updates the patch automatically once you open the client.

Cđại bại Bandwith Hogging Apps

As already mentioned above, some applications can hog your bandwidth và make your latency shoot up inlớn the sky. This happened to lớn me on my old computer whenever I had steam open while playing League. So, how bởi we know which apps are blocking our path khổng lồ perfect Ping?

Press the Windows Logo Key và R khổng lồ bring up the ‘Run dialog box’Type in ‘resmon’ & hit EnterIn the Resource Monitor, on the Network tab you’ll see the total B/sec column, which can tell you what applications are using how much bandwidth.Right-cliông chồng the application using all the bandwidth và select kết thúc process

Another thing lớn note is that it could also be your antivirus. Disabling antivi khuẩn could help your ping as well. If that helps, you should consider contacting your antivi khuẩn provider.

Disable Your Proxy & VPN

As already mentioned, you could be having issues due khổng lồ a VPN. If you are using a VPN, League should technically work for you, but it could disrupt the flow of data. Follow these steps khổng lồ disable your Proxy or VPN to lớn see whether it’ll improve your ping

Go to your setting & clichồng Network và InternetGo onlớn the Proxy tabMove sầu toggles of Automatically detect settings and use thiết đặt script khổng lồ offDisconnect from VPNLaunch LoL

Riot Games has created their own repair tool which can help out in situations lượt thích this. This tool will analyze the installation files of the game to check whether there are any bad apples in there. The tool will then delete the compromised files and replace them with a fresh copy.

You can tải về the Hextech repair tool right here. Make sure you run it as administrator as well, và then it should fix some of the problems you"re experiencing.

Swap To An Ethernet Connection

If none of the steps above sầu worked, then we suggest trying khổng lồ swap from Wi-Fi to lớn an Ethernet connection. If it"s your internet connection that isn’t working, well then how vị you expect an online đoạn phim game lớn work, right?

Ethernet connections are much more stable than wireless. So, if your mom has the router in the kitchen, but your room is on the other end of the house in the basement, then you might not have as good of a connection.

A Few More Tips To Try To Improve sầu Ping

There are a few more things you can test out to see whether you can improve sầu your ping. If none of those work, then it’s just a sign from the big man up top to finally quit this hellish game.

What to lớn FixHow to lớn Fix
Renew your IPhường AddressOpen the command prompt. Type “ipconfig /release” in the newly opened window lớn refresh your IP.
Change your DNS ServerNavigate into lớn the Network & Internet options of the Control Panel. Find the Adapter Settings and change TCP/IPv4 addresses to lớn another one, such as Google’s for example, which is và
Update your Device DriveYou can update devices manually with the Windows Device Manager. This takes long so using an application to bởi vì this for you is something we suggest saving time.

Hopefully these steps will help you with your ping problems. There are many reasons why you could be experiencing these issues in any Riot Games’ game or even in other video games. These options should work and let you get baông xã to spending time on your favorite games.