Standard users cannot run a program with admin rights. All programs that run on a Windows computer must be able to access administrative privileges, and, unfortunately, Standard users vị not have administrative rights by default. There can be cases where a standard user may need admin rights often. In that case, there needs lớn be a permanent setup that allows standard users to run a program with admin rights.

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When vị Standard users need admin rights?

When you’re a standard Windows user, you’ll need admin rights to lớn perform many basic tasks, lượt thích installing new software, accessing the registry or group policy, etc. So If you want to run a few programs on Windows, admin rights shouldn’t be necessary; however, if you’re going khổng lồ use your computer for admin tasks, you might not want admin rights.

How lớn allow Standard users to lớn Run a Program with Admin rights

Security settings on Windows PCs often have admin rights enabled by default. It makes sense since most normal users shouldn’t need admin rights. However, many standard Windows users will come across this issue, as the steps below will show you how to fix the problem.Here is the danh mục of methods you can use lớn allow standard users to run a program with admin rights: Use the Run As Administrator OptionUse the Task SchedulerUse a Shortcut Each of these methods is detailed below.Use the one that best suits your needs.1> Use the Run As Administrator Option
If you have a program that you need khổng lồ run with administrator rights, you can use the “Run As Administrator” option. To vị this, right-click on the program’s icon và select Run As Administrator. You will then be prompted lớn enter the administrator password. Once you vì so, the program will run with the administrator.While it is the easiest way, it also means that users will need lớn know the sạc or password of the admin account. It will not be ideal most of the time unless the admin can trust the users enough so they don’t misuse it.2> Use the Task Scheduler
If you need khổng lồ run a program in the background or at a certain time for a standard user with admin rights, then follow these steps:
First, the user must open the Task Scheduler by going khổng lồ the Start Menu and searching for Task Scheduler.Once in the Task Scheduler, the user should click Create Task in the right-hand pane.A new window will xuất hiện titled Create Task. Here name the task và set it khổng lồ run whether the user is logged on or not. They should also kiểm tra the Run with the highest privileges box.Click on Change User or Group and select the user trương mục you want to lớn run the task.Under the Triggers tab, the user should click New & set the task to run at a certain time or interval.Make sure khổng lồ fill in the rest of the details, so the task runs as expected.It should be created by the admin users và allow us to lớn run in the standard user account.3> Use a ShortcutA permanent solution would be if you can run a program without setting up a task or without knowing the password. The solution khổng lồ this is an admin tài khoản that can create a shortcut for the standard user, which, when clicked, launches the program with the highest privileges.

Follow these steps to lớn set up the shortcut using the RunAs command. It allows anything to run with another account’s privileges. It is a loophole as the /savecred switch can save the password the first time you run it. Post that, it will not prompt for anything.

Press the Windows key + R on the admin account to open the Run dialog box.Open the Start menu và locate the program you want to create a shortcut for.Right-click on the program and select Create shortcut.Right-click on the newly created shortcut and select Properties.In the Shortcut tab, locate the Target field and địa chỉ the following at the start of the exe location.

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runas /user:ComputerNameUsername /savecredThe final path should look lượt thích thisrunas /user:PCNAMEAdministrator /savecred Program.exeChange computer name và username accordingly.Save it. Doing this will prompt you lớn enter in admin credentials once, & once they are entered, they get stored in Windows Credential manager và do not have to lớn be entered again. The application will run elevated each time.The standard user will now be able to launch the program with admin rights by double-clicking the shortcut. While this should work fine with a Microsoft account, it is best lớn use a local admin tài khoản for this.

What is Runas Command?

It is command to xuất hiện any program with another user account. When used with /savecred it indicates if this user has previously saved the credentials. Hence it can launch the program with an admin tài khoản as well.

How lớn make Program always Run as Administrator in Windows?

To make a Program Run as Administrator in Windows 11/10:Right the program icon or the shortcut of the applicationOpen the Properties box.Click the Compatibility tab.Here, select the Run this program as an administrator box.Click Apply > OK. This will apply the setting to the current user only.But if you’d lượt thích to apply the ‘always Run as Administrator’ setting to all users, then click Change setting for all users.This will xuất hiện another dialog box. Again select Run this program as an administrator checkbox.Click Apply / OK.Read next: RunAsTool lets you run a Program as Administrator without password.


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