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Where’s My Water?
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July 24, 2021 (2 weeks ago)

Disney is known as the most famous animated film company, one of the myths when it comes to lớn people who are both acclaimed và praised. However, the company does not stop at the film market but also encroach on điện thoại entertainment. The use of film production resources khổng lồ transkhung inlớn a game is extremely wise. This will save sầu a lot of money for the company, but still, ensure the huge profits it brings. It is an animated film company with a lot of interesting fairy tales, so its products are simple & light entertainment effect. Most of them are puzzle games – intelligence. Among mỏi them are the Where’s My Water series. Extremely successful & outstanding in recent times. Although not very long, the amount of interactivity is extremely high & prominent, usually prioritized for the puzzle-intellectual category. And where will my hàng hóa be Where’s My Water?.

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Get the idea of bathing the Swampy Crocodile, who will have sầu lớn control the source water to reach the position of the crocodile. According to lớn Disney, Swampy had khổng lồ work hard for a long day và now he just wants khổng lồ take a shower. This seems lớn upset other crocodiles. They sought to lớn destroy the water pipe inkhổng lồ Swampy’s house. The player will be the “plumber” who will lead the way to lớn Swampy’s bathroom. Where’s My Water? They are classified in several levels. As the levels increase, the difficulty of it increases. Initially, these will be simple obstacles for players to get khổng lồ know. Then there will be some zigzagging và quirky challenges, in a play that is unlikely to lớn pass. Each time you pass the challenge, the player will receive sầu a certain reward. Long-term accumulation, it will be very useful for later players.


The game possesses many different challenges. These include special quest items from Allie, Cranky and Mystery Duông chồng. Everything does not stop at bathing Swampy uncle, players will have to vì the same for these three characters. Each character requires different streams of water for cleaning. But lớn achieve the best results, the amount of water required to reach the required cấp độ. This causes the player lớn adjust, carefully calculating to lớn bring enough water to them. However, the water flow is very fast, increasing with each stage, the fast adjustment of the pipe is very important. If the water supply is not enough & no water capathành phố is available, the game will kết thúc và the player must play again. However, if you have almost reached the cấp độ of completion, use the items purchased in the shop, thanks khổng lồ the reward obtained from the previous game.

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The thiết kế is 2D and the animation style is extremely beautiful and fun. The effect is smooth và stable, giving the experience moments are extremely impressive sầu. Details and images are carefully invested. Although not too glossy, the finishing level is still good, standard Disney cartoon style. Diverse themes, experience spaces will not be repeated too much and boring. m bar is very fun, suitable for a puzzle game – wisdom as gently as Where’s My Water ?. Surely Where’s My Water? will make the player not remember from velvet.

Where’s My Water? not a miễn phí Disney product. However, the investment to lớn have a VIPhường. will certainly bring many features & attractive discovery. Speaking khổng lồ Disney, there is no doubt about their ability to perfect. So Where’s My Water? Definitely a game worth trying. With such attractive gameplay, if you’re a big fan of money, you’re worth the money.