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I want to be the Boshy – This is a hardcore adventure where you will test your skills và nervous system. The trò chơi has a two-dimensional style and px graphics in which you have khổng lồ advance through the presented levels, moving the main character and jumping over obstacles. The maps has a large number of traps that kill the character instantly. As he races through the arena, the protagonist will encounter various enemies on his way that you must dodge and run away from. At the kết thúc of the missions there is a chance lớn meet bosses that are difficult to defeat.

Each opponent in I Wanna Be The Boshy has their own sophisticated tactics for victory. One must consider the timing of each’s attacks & defense positions, otherwise the nhân vật will be killed by the clutches of monsters with a high probability at the beginning of the mission. There are four modes to choose from in the world of hardcore platformer difficulty.

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Difficulties available in game:

Ez mode allows newcomers to lớn try out the game, making weaker opponents in arenas and adding lots of save points.Totally Average mode increases quái vật health, but often leaves the ability to lớn save.Hardon mode is implemented in the khung of continuity màn chơi canonics.You will be raped mode creates an incredibly difficult environment in which the enemies are reinforced & the minimum number of security measures.

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As you move further along the plot of the narrative, which consists of maps in the form of a campaign, you must carefully and carefully follow what is happening in the place. The player can not notice the approaching danger in time, step on a trap or fall directly on the thorns, which gives no chance of survival.

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