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Plants vs. Zombies Heroes
Unlimited Suns
Android 4.4

Have you ever known or played the blockbuster Plants vs Zombies of the advertiser Electronic arts? If yes, you may not ignore the version of Plants vs. Zombies Heroes MOD apk of this popular series.

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Introduce about Plants vs. Zombies HeroesMOD game android version of Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

Introduce about Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

Heart Letters from thẻ Heroes!


A small story in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes opens when Dr. Zomboss accidentally pressed the button to lớn activate the magical machine anh hùng Tron 5000. This accident caused all the trees và zombies to turn into heroes (hello, where are you Mr. Logic?). From here, all troubles and disputes began lớn take place.

Well, you can skip this part without worrying about the xúc tích và ngắn gọn or the ending of the plot. Everything is just an excuse for the ‘chessboard’ to mở cửa up. What you really need khổng lồ care about is the gameplay. Let’s talk about it.

The chơi game is new

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is the marking of the first time the Plants vs Zombies series has entered a new genre: thẻ games. There will be many surprises và feedback from players, but this bold step shows that the developer is very ambitious in the upcoming plans, in which Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is just the beginning.

Card-based combat has created another breath of fresh air in the chơi game of Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. In this game, players can even bởi vì something that has never been possible: play the role of a zombie. This strange experience is itself a rarity in all smartphone games today.


At the beginning of the game, you can choose your side: Plants or Zombies. Rest assured because on either side you will automatically become Heroes. There is no good or evil here, only someone with a more strategic mind. If you choose Plants, you will fight an army of Zombies & vice versa. On the chessboard, the Zombie side will go first, then the Plants turn. After Plants attack, Zombies can use a Trick khổng lồ surprisely attack. After using this Trick, the Zombies will continue khổng lồ attack Plants. And during the enemy’s attack, if you don’t have enough troops to defend, the taller generals will be hit.

Fortunately, most of the tricks are not too strong. But if you play the role of Zombies and use Trick properly in a good situation, you can bring unexpected effects, which can turn the chessboard. Meanwhile, the Plants side often has the advantage of having stronger soldier cards that are able to lớn neutralize Tricks from Zombies. Each side has such advantages & disadvantages, so choosing which side depends on the player’s preferences & strategic taste.

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Each side on the chessboard will own 5 classes with different strengths. The cards of the Plants faction include Guardian, Kabloom, Mega-Grow, Smarty, Solar. While the Zombie faction has classes Beastly, Brainy, Crazy, Hearty, Sneaky. They are regular soldiers. As for heroes, each hero is a combination of two of the 5 classes of each side. It is this full bộ that has created dozens or even hundreds of different types of heroes with unique attacks & counterattacks.

The more you win, the more chances you have to lớn unlock more Plants heroes or Zombies Heroes. Each person’s unique superpower will make the battle more complicated and unpredictable.

New characters, new scenes: epic, smoother, & much more fun

No stranger lớn Plants vs Zombies series and being quite satisfied with what it had in the past, many people are still skeptical about the attractiveness of Plants vs. Zombies Heroes on mobile. You know, each person has a feeling. But to be fair, the images in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes with a 3 chiều approach are much more eye-catching. Most of the presentation & shaping for both sides (heroes & zombies) are superior khổng lồ previous versions.

Basically, Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is still based on the character lines and background images in the classic Plants vs Zombies. But all have been smoother. The advertiser has added more attractive màu sắc embellishments. The lines on the character’s facial expressions are also sharper & more sophisticated. I like Plants vs. Zombies Heroes’ màu sắc scheme so much. Stronger, more modern, and more combative than previous games.

There are also many new characters added. There are a few new types of flowers và plants and a whole phối of oceanography (sharks, crocodiles, octopuses, rays, squid…). Plants vs Zombies no longer has clear boundaries, all just lớn bring more excitement khổng lồ players.

Download Plants vs. Zombies Heroes APK & MOD for Android

The first thẻ game in the Plants và Zombies series is so great. It all depends on each person’s feelings. But undeniably, with the great investment in image, gameplay, & strategic mechanics, Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is a very new experience for fans of Plants và Zombies.