Tom and jerry chase 4+


The mere mention of the cartoon "Tom & Jerry" invokes a smile on the face of people throughout the world. Many cartoons have come, many have gone; but none so popular as that of Tom và Jerry. Definitely, the simple principles of enmity between a mouse & cat và practically no/very less dialogues and wonderful/quick animation has garnered the attention of fans worldwide, but when we look deeper there are many lessons khổng lồ be taken from this interesting cartoon.

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1) Working as a team : Tom & Jerry (a cat & mouse) are enemies, but against a common enemy, they stand as a team; they believe they have the right khổng lồ fight each other, but is not interested when others try khổng lồ take advantage of that. Team work always matters, we as individuals are very limited, but as a team we achieve a lot; a person"s short comings can be corrected by another person of the team. A good team always survives any tough situation. As the famous quote goes "United we stand,divided we fall".

2) Sharing things: Though Tom & Jerry mostly fight over anything from food/TV shows, they giới thiệu things (usually after a fight). Life is utterly meaningless if we don"t know the value of sharing. By sharing, we improve our self morale & make others happy; what is life without a partner/friend with whom you can tóm tắt all happiness & sorrows?

3)Size is of "no" matter : Jerry is a mouse and that makes him no less than the big mèo "Tom". In life, often wit hard work, self confidence & courage is more important than mere size. "Never judge a book by it"s cover". Often Jerry defeats Tom and this makes clear that we also should worry less on our height or weight, but must work on our abilities & try khổng lồ improve them.

4)Failure is stepping stone khổng lồ success: No matter how many times Tom fails in catching Jerry, he comes up with big và unique ideas khổng lồ catch Jerry (and sometimes succeeds). Never stop life after one or two failures, we can always study what went wrong in those first few attempts và correct them khổng lồ move forward. Life is a never ending lesson, study something every day & move forward. No matter if you need to lớn crawl, but move a bit forward every day. Progress is what which matters, not the amount of progress.

5)Friendship is the biggest "ship" : In life, friendship is a quality gift that benefits us on many levels; without friendship we will not be able lớn enjoy life at all. Tom & Jerry giới thiệu a quality bond và it is one who completes the life of the other; without Tom Jerry can"t survive và vice versa. It is really awesome khổng lồ know that we know someone who can enjoy jokes/life the way we do

6)Enjoy life : We get life only once and it may not be as great as we think always, but every day we get small opportunities lớn laugh, khổng lồ enjoy; feel them & enjoy these small moments which will never come back. Tom & Jerry often enjoy their vacations or even their meals (especially from the fridge) and when we appreciate small things in life, we will understand that life is much more bigger and complete than we have ever thought of.

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7) Trust in people và life : We may get angry/fight with friends or have difficult situations. We may think some people have hurt us too much that we won"t give them another chance. If Jerry had thought of the numerous times Tom has tried lớn kill him, they would have never become friends. But life is short; trust in relations and forgiving nature often brings peace of mind và better moments in life.

8)Enjoy: Make life itself a celebration, quality to yourself. If you think like daydreaming, bởi vì it without feeling guilty. If you feel like having an extra slice of cheese (like Jerry) or an extra piece of sausage, have it; never let the spark in life disappear. We nội dung our spark to lớn inspire others, so keep it alive.

9)Seek advice: When Jerry is in big trouble, he seeks advice from his friends/uncle và similarly Tom too takes help of other cats to catch Jerry. In life, we can"t fight every battle on our own, by delegating our work we ensure that the chất lượng of work is maintained in correct timelines. When in doubt, ask for expert advice rather than waiting for the last moment (which is many times catastrophic).

10) Be kind and passionate : Sometimes during fights , Tom throws Jerry outside in the snow but later feels sorry & takes him back and revive him back to health. Compassion and kindness completes an individual, however famous/ rich we are, it is our good qualities that people will remember. Sometimes, simple things matter the most.