Control a tiny ball of grey goo with the ability to lớn eat anything smaller than itself. The more it eats, the bigger it gets - before long you"ll be eating entire planets! Download a không tính phí demo of Tasty Planet: Baông xã for Seconds.

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Eat Your Way Through Time


The story begins with the goo eating a time machine, causing hyên ổn to be sent baông xã in time. Playing as the goo, you"ll eat your way through six different time periods: modern, Late Cretaceous (i.e. dinosaurs), Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Feudal nhật bản, and the distant future. Munch your way through Triceratops và Tyrannosaurus Rex in the không tính tiền demo.

From Tiny to lớn Gigantic


In Tasty Planet: Bachồng for Seconds, you"ll be growing from the tiniest lớn the largest things in the universe. In one level you"ll start off by eating an ant và kết thúc up eating a dinosaur. In another level you"ll grow all the way from the kích thước of an amoeba to the kích cỡ of a galaxy.

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Just how big can you get? Download the không tính phí thử nghiệm to lớn find out!

Play With a Friend


One goo was never enough! In the two player cooperative sầu mode each player controls their own goo. You"ll be playing through the entire game together - will you work together or will you steal each other"s food? There are even a few special 2-player levels that require total cooperation. Tasty Planet has never been so much fun (và the one-eyed goo is so cute)!

Bonus Levels


Even after conquering all of the main levels, the game still isn"t over! Almost 50 bonus levels can be unlocked. Some are more difficult versions of levels from the main game và some are totally new levels. There are even a few levels that pit you up against enemy grey goos.Download Tasty Planet: Bachồng for Seconds now.

Tasty Planet 2


Tasty Planet: Bachồng for Seconds is the sequel lớn Tasty Planet. So if you liked that game, you"ll love this one! You"ll get many more objects to lớn eat, a new story, a 2-player mode, and much more. Try Tasty Planet 2: Back for Seconds now!