FIFA World Cup 2022: Qatar opens up for ticket sale

FIFA World Cup 2022 is all phối to lớn be held at the kết thúc of the year, & Qatar opened up ticket sales for fans across the world.

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Beyond the Cricket World Cup—the best of the host cities

​New Zealand is gaining a lot of popularity owing to 2015 World Cup—set to be watched by a quarter of the world’s population. But beyond the buzz of the sporting stakes, there’s plenty khổng lồ see và... more


Cnhị in earthen cups

​Tea is one of the most preferred and loved beverage aước ao the citizens of India. There are numerous tea stalls dotting the narrow lanes of Kolkata & each of them will revive your senses. It is... more


Mizoram to host Paragliding Accuracy World Cup in Feb 2020

As per lakiểm tra news reports, Mizoram is all geared up to host Paragliding Accuracy World Cup & Grvà Festival at Serchhip town, located 90 km away from Aizawl, the state capital. This gr& fest... more


Watch FIFA World Cup Final live sầu when on a trip to Delhi

FIFA World Cup 2018 is coming lớn a closure, but it sure promises lớn go out with a bang. It will return after four years, và honestly, we can barely wait. But before we bid adieu to this year’s s... more

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FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 – street foods you must try

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 is currently underway, and supporters from all across the world have gathered in the country lớn tư vấn for their teams. Amidst all the excitement, there is a chance to... more

2018 FIFA World Cup – check out these 12 stadiums across Russia

Football fans from all over the world must be getting super excited with the 2018 FIFA World Cup coming up. This time Russia is going to lớn host this super prestigious tournament và has released th... more

FIFA 2018 World Cup invites you khổng lồ Russia this summer

The biggest sporting sự kiện, FIFA World Cup 2018 (14 June khổng lồ 15 July 2018) is around the corner. Be it a true-enthusiast or a casual spectator, travelling to watch FIFA World Cup is an unparallele... more

FIFA Under 17 World Cup matches that will make you travel

If you are all geared up for FIFA Under 17 World Cup in India, you can pretty well club it with your love sầu for travelling. It is understandable how it feels to lớn be one of the minority sport lovers ... more

Rugby World Cup 2015: guide lớn tickets, packages, hotels và pubs

Our Rugby World Cup năm ngoái guide includes details on how lớn buy tickets, advice on where khổng lồ stay, and the best pubs.





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