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If you’re a tín đồ of hardcore survival games, This War Of Mine is as hardcore as they come.

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It’s quality not only in its presentation, but in subject matter as well.

What makes the game so special is how it forces interactions between yourself và other survivors, as you’ll be faced with moral và ethical dilemmas that could mean the difference between life or death.

Granted even the vanilla trò chơi offers tons of replay value, but there are lots of mods out there to help keep things interesting as well.

Let’s dive into some of the best mods you might want to lớn snag. Lots of variety khổng lồ go around!

25. Increased Stacks


Check Out This Mod

A lot of the mods are designed to help you survive through the harshness of wartime.

This War Of Mine can be especially unforgiving, and this might throw newer players off.

So let’s start off with modding that’ll help newer players survive—you know, lessen the difficulty a bit.

Increased Stacks allows you to stack more items in your inventory.

This is a big deal in This War Of Mine since scavenging for loot is a huge part of surviving.

Looting can be dangerous, và some players found that it’s hardly ever worth it for the amount of loot you bring back to lớn shelter. This gian lận just makes it a tad easier.

24. Longer Tool Duration


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Item durability has always been a point of debate in video clip games.

It seems like a love it or hate it sort of thing – và the same is true in This War Of Mine.

Count on 11 bit studios lớn include pretty much every imaginable trò chơi mechanic lớn up the difficulty of survival.

But anyone who hates item durability will find an answer in the Longer Tool Duration mod.

Axes, shovels, crowbars, & other tools will last much longer. So you won’t have to worry too much about losing your tools when there’s still work lớn be done.

23. More Loot


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As most of these mods are made to make the trò chơi easier, many consider them khổng lồ be a beat cheat-y.

More Loot is no different, but it does the job.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed experience, especially when it comes to lớn looting, More Loot can help.

It doesn’t give you unlimited resources or anything crazy lượt thích that.

But the randomized loot spawns around the bản đồ will increase with this installed.

You’ll be finding food & crafting materials in larger quantities, too, which is definitely welcome.

22. More Starting Resources


Check Out This Mod

Now if you’re finding trouble staying alive from the get go, More Starting Resources is a great way lớn help you through the first few days.

It doesn’t change much of the vi xử lý core game, khổng lồ be honest. You’ll still be a pack of survivors who have just found shelter in an abandoned building.

But it won’t be as difficult to get on your feet since you’re given additional items, equipment, and supplies to lớn start with.

This is a fantastic way for newer players lớn learn the ropes & see what TWOM is all about, without dying within the first few days.

21. The Great Delicacy


Check Out This Mod

Then there are the mods that take a different approach lớn making things a bit easier to lớn manage.

Instead of just giving you what you need khổng lồ survive, some mods tweak aspects of game play to make more options available to lớn stay alive.

The Great Delicacy is one brilliant example – adding four new food types to lớn the game.

It doesn’t change what resources you have, so you’ll still have lớn scavenge for the ingredients.

And once you have them you’ll have more options in terms of what can be cooked/crafted.

Feel good that you’ll be able to provide your survivors with some comfort by giving them cream soup, hot coffee, beer, & whiskey. Lots of whiskey.

20. Strange Plants


Check Out This Mod

Strange Plants is one of the more unique gameplay mods for TWOM, as it introduces an original gameplay mechanic instead of building on the ones are already available.

Through scavenging you’ll be able to collect seeds that can be planted & grown.

Looting at least three seeds will xuất hiện up a completely new crafting tree, giving you tons of new options for crafting.

You’ll be able to lớn grow plants which can eventually be used lớn make bread, soups, and drinks.

Other comfort items lượt thích pipes & oils can be crafted as well.

19. It’s In A Can, Man


Check Out This Mod

While this one does make the trò chơi a bit easier, it can be argued that it adds a sense of realism as well.

I don’t imagine you’ll be finding any burgers or steaks in a war-torn city.

So canned food can easily be a survivor’s best friend.

It’s In A Can, Man makes that possible, & it has one of the best names for any thủ thuật that I’ve seen in a long time.

The thủ thuật is simple: you can now extract meat from a can và cook it for a much more nutritious meal.

18. Cooked Veges


Check Out This Mod

Cooked Veges adds even more cooking options lớn the game.

With resources as scarce as they are, you’ll pretty much end up taking what you can get just lớn stay alive.

Vegetables can be looted from around the map, or grown if you have a vegetable garden.

But unfortunately, they aren’t of much value unless combined with raw food.

Cooked Veges allows you khổng lồ cook vegetables on their own, creating a meal out of them. Small but valuable for sure.

17. Large Cooked Food Recipe


Check Out This Mod

To further improve on your cooking skills, you can install the Large Cooked Food Recipe gian lận as well.

As with the previous couple mods on this list, you’ll notice this one doesn’t give you any additional resources. Nor does it give you an easier crafting recipe.

Instead it makes it possible khổng lồ cook meals in larger portions, provided you have more resources.

You’ll now be able khổng lồ cook a large meal with 1 canned food, 1 vegetable, 1 raw food, extra water, và extra fuel.

Large meals equate khổng lồ four meals in total.

16. Crafting Overhaul – Extended


Check Out This Mod

If you’re looking khổng lồ expand your survivors’ crafting capabilities futher, there’s this Crafting Overhaul hack just waiting for you to try.

Crafting Overhaul introduces new craftable và tradeable items, giving you more options for managing your inventory.

You’ll be able to lớn craft anything from basic items like canned food & parts, khổng lồ morphine và antidepressants.

15. More Homemade Supplies


Check Out This Mod

Maybe you’ll also want to kiểm tra out More Homemade Supplies for even better inventory changes.

Be warned though, as this one is a bit more of a cheat than others.

More Homemade Supplies makes it possible khổng lồ grow coffee và tobacco right from your shelter.

This makes it much easier lớn manage your survivors’ moods with coffee & cigarettes.

Sugar can be extracted from vegetables as well, & more water can be collected from rain và snow too.

Where it becomes quite cheat-y is how it reduces nâng cấp requirements in the workshop.

If that’s not a problem for you, go ahead and give this one a try. You’ll adore it.

14. SkyMan’s Additional Items


Check Out This Mod

Another mod that adds sản phẩm options would be SkyMan’s Additional Items.

It separates itself from the others because it isn’t geared towards helping you through the early stages of the game.

Instead, it introduces new items that are more useful towards the end game.

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In effect, this adds more khổng lồ experience và expands on your playthrough.

You’ll be seeing new items lượt thích charcoal & potassium nitrate, alongside new food and beverages like roasted meat, aged liquor, and cigars.

The gian lận adds a lot of new weapons as well. All items can be used or traded, whichever you prefer.

13. Visitors Helper


Check Out This Mod

Probably the only chất lượng of life hack on this list is the incredible Visitors Helper.

Visitors will randomly stop by your shelter throughout your playthrough. Some of them will ask for help while others will be looking to make trades.

As with any management game, skipping forward in time is an option when you’ve completed all of your tasks for the day.

In TWOM, that would also mean missing the chance khổng lồ see if someone will stop by.

All this does is schedule visits between 7 AM–8 AM, so you’ll never miss visitors again. Well, probably never.

Now you can skip through as many days as you want & still see catch up on your unexpected visitors.

12. Ellie Williams


Check Out This Mod

The Steam Workshop is mostly made of custom character mods, so there are seriously a ton to lớn choose from.

There are lots of silly ones, lượt thích Gaben, Kojima, or even Emma Watson.

I didn’t feel lượt thích those would địa chỉ cửa hàng much value to the game as stupid fun and TWOM together just doesn’t make that much sense lớn me.

Granted, if you’re that kinda person definitely browse around, because there’s plenty of sillies out there!

But there are still a few interesting character mods that grabbed my attention. Ellie Williams is one of them.

Ellie is no stranger lớn survival, and as one of the most beloved characters in recent đoạn phim game history, would be a great addition khổng lồ TWOM.

11. Rick Grimes


Check Out This Mod

This time from the popular TV series “The Walking Dead”, who better khổng lồ take on a survival journey than the former sheriff’s deputy himself?

Rick Grimes is another character known for surviving some of the harshest of circumstances.

I imagine he’d bởi well in a war-torn đô thị scenario.

He’s pretty good with guns as well, which could be handy in keeping your squad of survivors alive.

10. John Wick


Check Out This Mod

Lastly in my pick for character mods is John Wick.

I personally didn’t need much more convincing, but here’s for those of you who don’t find this as cool as I do.

We’ve all seen John Wick shoot his way through some of the most impossible situations in the last three films. Isn’t that someone you’d want to take with you when survival is key?

As in the films, he’s a firearms expert in TWOM as well.

This allows him to aim better and perform instant melee kills faster.

9. Weapons Pack 1


Check Out This Mod

New characters are great, but why not give him more weapons a try too?

This Weapons Pack lets you bởi vì just that, adding six completely new weapons to lớn the game.

None of the vanilla weapons have been touched, so you’ll still have those available. Which is great!

You’ll have options lượt thích a butterfly knife, golf club, a FAMAS assault rifle, and even a new sniper rifle.

Let’s see who stands in your way now.

8. Bandit Mod


Check Out This Mod

While you could keep commanding John Wick lớn go on killing sprees lớn take all the resources from other camps, it will still take a toll on his overall morale.

That’s probably the last hurdle you’ll encounter… but luckily for us, the Bandit mod solves that.

It completely removes sad, depressed, and broken moods from the game. So you’ll be able to kill & rob as much as you like.

At this point you’re not really playing TWOM as intended anymore. But it still makes for some damn good fun.

7. STALKER Music


Check Out This Mod

Atmosphere is a huge part of what makes This War Of Mine such a good game.

It’s dark và it’s gloomy.

And it’s pretty much what you’d expect khổng lồ see in a war-torn city.

All that paired with difficult moral dilemmas make for a pretty immersive experience.

But let’s not forget about how sound contributes to lớn the atmosphere. There a couple of mods that help with that as well, starting with STALKER Music.

Although TWOM’s soundtrack isn’t bad by any stretch, this gian lận makes it possible khổng lồ replace the OST with the music from S.T.A.L.K.E.R games.

Being another great post-apocalyptic title, this could drastically change the overall feel of TWOM. Give it a try & see what you think!

6. Music


Check Out This Mod

If taking music directly from another video game is too specific, well this musically-focused gian lận might be a better fit.

It adds over 30 new music tracks, all chosen specifically to match This War Of Mine’s atmosphere.

There are 11 new radio songs, 14 scavenge songs, và 17 trang chủ songs added lớn the game.

A great way khổng lồ change it up if you’re getting tired of hearing the same music over and over.

5. Realistic Enhancement


Check Out This Mod

One more way to expand on TWOM is trying out different playable scenarios.

While the last few items on the list khuyễn mãi giảm giá with more specific scenarios, Realistic Enhancement doesn’t really change much of the base game.

Instead, you’re given a few game play & setting tweaks to lớn help make for a fresh playthrough.

There are new crafting rules, almost 100 new items, realistic combat mechanics, and new weapons khổng lồ explore, making it feel lượt thích a completely new playthrough of TWOM.

Strap in, cause this one will keep you busy for hours.

4. Cold Crisis


Check Out This Mod

Cold Crisis is one of those mods that put you in a specific new scenario lớn spice the game up quite a bit.

A permanent winter has plagued the city, making survival all the more difficult.

Crops have been destroyed, and the cold makes living conditions even worse.

With this hack installed there are new dwellers lớn meet here, along with a few gameplay tweaks to boot.

3. Cold War


Check Out This Mod

Cold War is similar khổng lồ Cold Crisis in theme, but plays out very differently.

The roster consists of four completely new survivors: Matt, Koon, Sam, và Eisell.

As with Cold Crisis, you’ll be fighting to survive through harsher climate.

And all the challenges that come with it.

Based on the comments on the Workshop page, this one is a much easier playthrough than Cold Crisis.

If you’re looking for a fresh playthrough but with a much more forgiving experience, this is a great hack to try out.

2. Survival: Last Stand


Check Out This Mod

If you find yourself on the other side of the spectrum looking for more of a challenge(in other words, you have masochistic tendencies) then you might really enjoy this mod.

Survival: Last Stand is by far one of the best overall challenging mods, mostly aimed at more experienced players.

Resources are much more scarce, and new scenarios make survival all the more challenging.

The four original scenarios are available to lớn play through still, but with some tweaks making it more difficult khổng lồ survive.

But there are new characters and locations to lớn explore as well, so this will give you plenty to lớn do.

1. Endless War


Check Out This Mod

Lastly, Endless War is a great way to kiểm tra your survival skills in-game.

As with many survival games, an endless mode is now available where the game doesn’t really end.

You pretty much just survive for as long as you can, striving lớn learn from past mistakes & see if you can make it longer than you did in your last run.

The thủ thuật unlocks all scenarios so you’ll be able khổng lồ play as any character you like.

And it makes tweaks to lớn a few gameplay mechanics khổng lồ make things a bit more challenging as well. Lots to explore here so absolutely give it a try!

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