Uncharted 4: A Thief'S End For Playstation 4 Reviews


The Uncharted story

Last year, I played the superb Nathan Drake Collection remasters & took the opportunity to lớn reassess all three Uncharted games in one epic write-up. "For all its confident swagger, its unchallenging mass appeal and its overstated influence - for all its apparent sunny complacence - this is a series that"s always striving for something more," I concluded - & I reckon Uncharted 4 bears that up.

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A Thief"s End"s takes 18th-century piracy as its theme, & draws on it for Gothic chills as well as high adventure.

Many areas have multiple routes through them now; some of the carefully demarcated climbing paths lead nowhere, & you actually need khổng lồ study the rock và think about where where lớn head next. (One of the game"s most satisfying touches is the way you can use fine stiông xã movements to lớn guide Drake"s reaching arm khổng lồ precisely the handhold you want.) It"s not much, but it does feel a little more lượt thích an adventure, a little less lượt thích a fairground ride. One of Uncharted 4"s best moments is an open jeep ride through rugged Madagascan scenery which leaves you at some liberty to ramble, hopping out of the oto to lớn explore points of interest, enjoying the off-roading and playing with your 4x4"s exciting winch attachment. (Shut up, it is exciting.) You could hotline it faux open-world gameplay - or, arguably, open-world gameplay without the bland filler - và it"s very enjoyable stuff. As well as the usual well-hidden treasures, there are additional journal entries and conversation options for completists to hunt out.

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The biggest changes come lớn the combat. Many enemy encounters now take place in large open areas filled with complex architecture that allows for stealth. Drake is able lớn thin out the ranks of goons by hiding in long grass, sneaking & using his climbing skills lớn outflank and surprise his enemies with silent takedowns - or even leave them unmolested. It"s no Metal Gear Solid, but with its freedom of approach, stealth is a good khuyễn mãi giảm giá more satisfying than the blunt shootouts. The guns are fun but the enemy designs are as dim-witted & uninteresting as ever, & once stealth is broken, encounters lean aggressively towards tactics-không tính tiền attrition, piling on ever more heavily armed & armoured mercs. There"s a lot of this as the game"s climax approaches, though it"s been pruned further than the interminable stretches of blasting that the earlier games suffered from.


And that end? As the conclusion khổng lồ a series known for its exuberantly over-the-top action it is, perhaps, a little anticlimactic. But I prefer that khổng lồ the hysterical over-reaching of Uncharted 3, or Uncharted 2"s sudden swerve sầu inlớn credibility-defying, moony nonsense. And you have sầu khổng lồ admire Naughty Dog for leaving themselves with no way baông xã. Sony may well find a way to make more games under the Uncharted name in future - I"m sure it will - but Naughty Dog is definitely done, and it has gone quite far out of its way lớn make sure it would be very difficult for Drake lớn return, too. As much as the studio must be eager to move on khổng lồ other things, it can"t be easy to lớn close the door as firmly as this.

As accomplished as Uncharted 4: A Thief"s End is - as heroically as it bests its predecessors, as gracefully as it sidesteps their pitfalls - it"s not possible for it khổng lồ have the seismic impact và far-reaching influence that Uncharted 2 did. Nor does it redefine the storytelling scope of the blockbuster action game like The Last of Us. It still does something remarkable for a major franchise video game, though: it doesn"t overvày its exit. It doesn"t immolate itself in a blaze of glory, it tells a story about people and finds peace in its resolution. It just ends. Fin.