Fans of shows lượt thích Game of Thrones often feel a kindred spirit link with a favorite character, maybe one who shares personality traits that make us feel connected lớn their stories. You may lượt thích a certain character because you relate khổng lồ them, but how would you act if the sword were in the other hand? Could you thrive if you were thrust into the harsh world of Westeros? Perhaps you are cunning, wise, or powerful. Consider your weapon of choice. What would you be fighting for? Would your driving force be a longing lớn prove yourself, or khổng lồ defend the realm from corruption? Would you align yourself with one of the royal families? Maybe you would try lớn steal the Iron Throne for yourself. Take this quiz to lớn see which trò chơi of Thrones character you are!


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Charlie took to the written word lượt thích a fish takes to water. That is to say; they found themselves immersed in literature from before they were born. They've been known to lớn tell their friends how they can still remember the passages their parents read lớn them when they were in utero - Emily Dickinson, Jane Austen, và a bit of Hunter S. Thompson thrown in khổng lồ balance it out. Charlie keeps their feet wet, whether they're whipping up pithy one-liners khổng lồ tease your brain or busy working on their second novel (the first one is available on Amazon under a pen name they refuse khổng lồ disclose). You’re sure to get a kick out of giggle-worthy explanations & outrageous hints, and still come away feeling like you’ve just expanded your knowledge base.

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Did you know?

The Show Where Everyone Dies

Game of Thrones, the hit TV show based on George R. R. Martin's song of Fire & Ice series, is one of the most popular & expensive TV shows of all time. In just seven years, game of Thrones -- GOT for short -- has earned 38 Emmys, second only to Saturday Night Live. Each episode costs ten million dollars to produce and, like the books that inspire it, is rife with death. Supporting and leading characters alike are at risk of being killed off at any moment. Season six alone had a total death count of 540. In the show's history, there are only two episodes where no one dies. This hasn't deterred audiences though; season seven brought in ten million viewers và the upcoming eighth và final season is likely to đứng đầu that.

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