How to talk about your hometown in english

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“I love my hometown as I love my trang chính và I like to lớn stay in the town streets as I stay in the rooms of my house.”

Everyone loves his hometown or city dearly. It is like loving the trang chủ or the place where one passes one’s life. My town is cthua lớn a canal that flows out of the river some eight kilometers away. Gardens and parks surround it on all sides. Beautiful flowers & tasty fruits of all the seasons are khổng lồ be found welcoming you as you approach the town. Grassy grounds border the town where children, men, và women are found playing in the afternoon.

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Several broad roads lead you inkhổng lồ the town. As you enter it, you will find small markets branching out from the main roads. The markets are at a distance of one khổng lồ two kilometers from each other. Between the two markets are several streets where the people live in old and new well-constructed houses. Most of the houses are single or two-storeyed. All manner of rich & middle-class and poor people live together. Of course, rich people own big, impressive buildings. The people generally live in peace, but sometimes there are quarrels.

The town has two colleges, one for boys và another for girls. It also has four high schools and six middle schools. The students are mostly from middle-class or rich families, but now some working-class people lượt thích laborers have sầu started sending their children to lớn schools. We have sầu quite high standards of education as we have in some famous colleges và schools in the big cities. The reason is the hard work that teachers put in and the interest that most of the students take in studies.

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The town has a fine public hospital where most government doctors attkết thúc to patients as well as they can the public dislikes the few careless doctors. They are often transferred on the public complaint. Of course, the hospital is often overcrowded and suitable medicines are in short supply. The richer people go to lớn private clinics where they get medical treatment of their choice.

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The town municipal committee keeps the town clean, but sometimes garbage heaps collect, và the whole place begins stinking (giving an unpleasant smell). The electricity department takes care that the streets are brightly lit at night. When people have complaints about its working, it begins performing better. The police và other government departments in the town, on the whole, have been performing their duties equally well. The people of the town have now started complaining of rising corruption in government offices. It is time we checked it with most strictly. When I am away from my town, I feel as if I am away from something dearest in life.


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