Writing 3

We all have sầu a neighborhood và I have sầu one too. I love the place where I live sầu và the people. Here are a few paragraphs in my neighborhood.

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My Neighborhood: Short Paragraph (100 Words)

We live sầu in a village & our neighborhood is really awesome. Here I will explain and tell you something about that. We have sầu a big playground in the backyard of our house. And at the front, there is a big pond.

Is the left side, there is a house of my uncle và on the right side, there is a house of my friover Subas. Both of our neighbors are really good. I love sầu to lớn spover time with them at their house.

I play so much in the playground và used khổng lồ bathe in the pond. I love sầu the whole saturation here.

My Neighborhood: Paragraph (150 Words)

My name is Satish và I live sầu in a community here in Mumbai. Our community is a little bit out of the city và that’s why it is a calm place without so much busy. There is a huge oto parking under the main building and a few other buildings are surrounding the whole community.

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But we have sầu a large garden and swimming pool on the lawn. I love sầu to spover my time in the garden. Outside is also really interesting. There is not any traffic, because the main road is enough far from our community. The other people who live sầu in this community are really good and friendly.


When we arrived here for the first time, they welcomed us with cordial heart. I have so many friends also here. And my parents also got a few friends.

My Neighborhood: Paragraph (200 Words)

My name is Virat và I live in a village in Bihar, India. I love the things around me. Today I will write about them. I live in a really calm village with good people. My father is a school teacher & my mother is a housewife. They both are friendly with the people of our community.

I have so many friends here. This is my birthplace & my whole family is living here for decades. Our village is located near a small hilly river that I love sầu most. I use khổng lồ spkết thúc time there with a few of my local friends. The house next khổng lồ our house is Subas’s house.

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He is my best friover và his parents are really friendly. We have sầu a family friover. I love sầu to lớn spover time in their home and also he spends time here in our home. Subash’s mom is a caring và loving woman. She loves us so much & always feed us when we go khổng lồ their trang chủ.

Sometimes in the celebration, they and other neighbors come lớn our house as a guest and sometimes we go to lớn their house. The whole neighborhood is awesome. I love everyone here.

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