Tet holiday

As a traveler to Vietphái nam, there are certain things you should know about Tet. At the very least, you should have an idea whether your upcoming Vietphái nam holiday will coincide with this grand event và what lớn expect if so.

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When is Tet Festival?

Tet Festival in Vietphái nam usually falls in late January or early/mid-February. The dates vary from year lớn year as it is based on the lunar calendar. The celebration lasts one week or longer.

In 2019, Tet Festival is celebrated on February 5. Typically public holidays will be granted for seven days. The specific days taken will depend on how the dates fall over a weekkết thúc, & extra days may be declared holidays to bridge lớn weekends.

In 2020, Tet Festival is observed on January 25.

In 2021, Tet Festival is celebrated on February 12.

Night View of Vietphái mạnh during Tet Festival

What is Tet Festival?

The full name for Tet is Tet Nguyen Dan. It is the most important & widely celebrated public festival of the year in Vietphái mạnh. It is the occasion for Vietnamese to lớn express their respects for ancestors as well as welcoming the lunar New Year with family members. Overall, Tet holiday for Vietphái mạnh is a bit lượt thích the Spring Festival for Chinese: every family will get together lớn have big meals khổng lồ welcome the New Year.

How is Tet Festival celebrated?

Since Tet is the most important festival for Vietnamese, preparations for celebration begins well in advance. They make offering và pray at temples about the two weeks before & immediately after Tet because visiting temples is considered auspicious. Many families visit the graves of ancestors in the week prior to Tet. Homes are cleaned và decorated with Hoa Mai (yellow apricot blossom), Hoa Dao (peach blossom), Kumquat tree và many other colorful flowers. On the eve of Tet, they cook an abundance of food. On the first days of New Year, everybody, especially kids, wear new clothes và shoes lớn visit families và friends & enjoy the traditional Tet food lượt thích Banh Chung (a sticky rice cake). Many children receive sầu “lucky money” in red envelopes.

Big replicas of yellow apricot are hung to lớn decorate streets.

Odynovo (formerly Odyssey) guests enjoying Vietnamese New Year feast with a local family. (Photo: David Budd)

Travelling in Vietphái nam during Tet Holiday

What does the Tet festival in Vietphái mạnh mean for tourists? It is a particularly good time lớn visit in Vietnam? Should I time my Vietphái mạnh visit khổng lồ avoid Tet? Many travelers have such doubts in mind. To help you make the decision, here are some facts khổng lồ know about Vietnam giới during Tet Holiday:

1. Transportation: flights, buses and trains about 1 week before or after Tet Holiday are often booked out well in advance as Vietnamese travel a lot this time (return home/go baông xã for work). Be sure to book early. Note:Odynovo (formerly Odyssey) provides private vehicle for customers, so there is no need khổng lồ worry about short-distance transportation.

2. Accommodation: most hotels remain open, so there is no need to lớn worry about accommodation. However, some hotels may raise the price if you stay during Tet holiday.

3. Sightseeing: some tourist sites remain open during Tet, but many museums, mausoleums, & indoor exhibition place và art houses will be closed at the first 3 days of Tet. The floating markets in the Mekong Delta will be closed.

4. Restaurants: many restaurants will be closed during Tet. Therefore, Tet may not be the best time for culinary tour fans.

5. Shops: many shops will be closed for the first few days of Tet Festival. The good news is - many products will be sold at a very reasonable price because most sellers want khổng lồ start a smooth sales year.

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6. Banks: banks will be closed for the holiday.

Overall, Tet is not the best time to travel to Vietphái mạnh, but will all these factors spoil your Vietphái mạnh holiday during Tet? Not really. Here are some good parts of Tet for travelers:

1. The country is vibrant & colourful during this time, và you will have a chance to learn more about culture of Vietnam.

Local flower market at night.

2. Streets are quiet and light in traffic during Tet. Beaches will be less crowded - overall Tet is a great time for those who enjoy the tranquility.

3. Streets are elaborately decorated and everytoàn thân looks happy. Just enjoy the festive sầu mood!

4. Hotels & travel agents still work during Tet holiday. Some hotels will have sầu special nights or New Year celebration.

My tips for travelling in Vietnam giới during Tet

If you"re planning to visit Vietphái nam during Tet holiday, here are some tips.

1. Be sure to lớn plan and book your Vietphái mạnh tour early so that tickets can be guaranteed. Booking two or four months ahead is not a bad idea.

2. Book hotels early. There are three reasons: you can enjoy a relatively low price; avoid the risk of having no room khổng lồ stay; there are more choices if book early.

3. Since some tourist sites are closed during Tet, it’s wise to lớn plan your itinerary accordingly: visit the museums & such just before or after Tet, & relax or walk around Hanoi Old Quarter or go sunbathing in beaches during Tet.

4. For travelers, dining at khách sạn restaurants is the option since most restaurants are closed.

5. If you are in need of some currency changed, vị this in hotels though the exchange rate might be less than favorable.

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6. Try not to bargain because it will be considered lớn bring about bad luchồng for the whole new year. If you have sầu to lớn vì chưng, be very politely.

All in all, if you"re planning lớn visit Vietnam during or around Tet Holiday, be sure to lớn prepare your trip ahead of time!

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