Grand theft auto v and gta online come to ps5 and xbox series x/s in november


We reach the final showdown with GTA 5"s ludicrous Chaos Mod. Who will emerge victorious?


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This diary first appeared in PC Gamer magazine issue 357 in 2021. We vì chưng one every month, taking on new challenges và approaching our favourite games from entirely new angles – và letting you know how we got on.

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When I last grappled with Grand Theft Auto lớn 5"s Chaos Mod, which throws random events into the game lượt thích a rogue barista pouring hot sauce and spider eggs inkhổng lồ your skinny caramel latte, Michael had just been teleported into lớn Los Santos" military base. As you can imagine, the famously congenial US Military doesn"t take too kindly to lớn a murderous middle-aged thief appearing in their top-secret compound (at least, not one who isn"t wearing his unikhung, oh-ho!) & soon the base is lit up like 17th century London after a certain baker left a certain oven on.

A solid cliffhanger, if I say so myself, neatly set-up for me lớn begin this entry with a daring escape from one of Los Santos" most secure locations. It would be a shame if, say, Michael got annihilated the moment a khaki-clad army type came inkhổng lồ view. Good thing this isn"t exactly what happened, then! Ahaha. Aha. Ugh.

Just a phase

Emerging from the hospital after his massive sầu lead overdose, Michael drives across town for a rendezvous with his FIB handler Dave Norton. Furious that Michael has leapt baông xã into the armed robbery game (placing his cover story & Dave"s career in jeopardy) Norton opts to lớn turn the situation khổng lồ his advantage, tasking Michael with sneaking into a hospital to lớn identify whether a toàn thân there belongs to an FIB source. This requires Michael khổng lồ appear dead, which Dave carefully arranges by clubbing Michael in the back of the head.

Now baông chồng in hospital again, Michael leaps out of a body-bag và commences his tìm kiếm for the errant corpse. For some reason the morgue is guarded, & while I manage lớn knoông xã out the first guard and steal his pistol, the second spots me and begins to shoot. Naturally, I shoot baông xã, whereupon Michael clips through the floor & plummets inkhổng lồ the grey abyss beneath Los Santos.

At this point, I expect one of two things lớn happen, either Michael will fall forever, or he"ll die và the mission will restart. Instead, somehow Michael respawns outside the hospital. In theory, this means I can continue the mission, but I can"t see a way back inside. Frustrated, I take a potshot at a passing car. Next thing I know, I"m inside the car. I see what"s going on here. The Chaos Mod is making me teleport khổng lồ the kết thúc location of any bullet I fire. I use this ability to lớn access the hospital rooftop, where the objective inhỏ is. There"s no entrance here either, but I don"t have to lớn work the problem any further, as a UFO spawns right where Michael stands and kills hlặng dead.

Respawning baông xã in the morgue, I now attempt to lớn escape the hospital in the specific manner GTA 5 wants me to lớn. But the teleportation effect makes combat next khổng lồ impossible, as each bullet fired exposes Michael lớn enemy gunfire, traps hyên ổn in the game geometry, or simply catapults hyên out of the world entirely. I fight in vain until the effect expires, whereupon the Chaos Mod turns all the NPCs into spinning ragdoll horrors and I"m able to lớn complete the mission with minimal obstruction.

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Yoga rants

Returning home page, Michael treats himself khổng lồ some well-earned TV time. But a confrontation with his wife leads hlặng into an impromptu yoga session with Amanda và her guru Fabien. The yoga mission is one of the worst examples of GTA 5"s restrictive attitude toward progression. It would be entirely in-character for Michael khổng lồ be rubbish at yoga because he"s an overweight late-40s layabout. But no, Michael failing at yoga also fails the mission, because GTA 5 is so obsessed with its own narrative grandeur it leaves no room for player agency.

Luckily, the Chaos Mod comes lớn the rescue. I"m not entirely sure what it does, but the result is that both Amandomain authority và Fabien run off, while a bunch of random NPCs wander inlớn Michael"s bachồng yard & begin hurling profanities at hyên. "You fucking shit!" a man yells as Michael"s struggles with the "Warrior II" pose. "Why don"t you blow me?" spits a scarfed ginger fellow as Michael attempts the "Dancer". "Eat my ass!" growls a woman as Michael assumes the plank, his calming exercises now accompanied by the sound of distant explosions.

After the world"s least relaxing yoga session, Michael accompanies his son Jimmy lớn buy drugs. Sampling their purchase together, the mandatory "trip sequence" ensues, with Michael flying in his underwear over a rainbow-coloured Los Santos. When Michael returns to Earth, not only has Jimmy stolen his oto, but Michael is also half his normal kích cỡ. Initially I mistake it for part of the sequence, as Michael rides an inexplicably massive bicycle trang chính. But it transpires the Chaos Mod has shrunk all the NPCs in the game, demonstrated by a hilarious meeting between Michael, Dave sầu Norton, & two other FIB agents, who trade insults & cutting remarks with one another in Munchkin voices.

The Lollipop Guild tasks Michael with a mission khổng lồ extract an informant from his interrogation by the IAA. I look forward lớn seeing how the Chaos Mod is going to improve/ruin it. But it passes without incident, as bởi vì the next few missions.

This is a growing problem. There"s still much of the Chaos Mod I haven"t seen, but because the effects are random, with every new one I see, the chance of the next being a repeat increases. It"s still capable of delivering absurd scenargame ios, highlighted by a cutscene outside Franklin"s home where the house suddenly explodes, instantly killing Franklin"s Aunt, his friover Lamar, and his dog. Not only does the cutscene continue, with Franklin now arguing with three corpses, but both the fire-brigade và the ambulance service turn up, bumbling through the cutscene like stage technicians who forgot to lớn wear blaông xã. But it"s an islvà of daftness in an ocean of either uninteresting effects or stuff I"ve seen before. I"m beginning lớn fear the Chaos Mod is running out of steam.

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The four jurors

Later, a new mission gives me an idea. While he waits around for Michael to put together another heist, Franklin has taken up a spot of hired murder for the group"s fixer Lester. In the mission, Franklin has to assassinate four jurors involved in a case with Redwood Cigarettes. But there"s a twist. He only has eight minutes khổng lồ kill them.

This seems like prime Chaos Mod territory, but on the current settings, I"ll only see one or two effects within those eight minutes, while there"s a good chance I"ll have sầu seen them before. So I head inlớn the Chaos Mod"s settings và reduce the interval between effects from five sầu minutes to thirty seconds. That should sort things out. Boy, did it.

The Chaos Mod first uses its newfound power to deploy a helicopter lớn attachồng Franklin while he races to the first target. It looks lượt thích Franklin"s career as a hitman will be short-lived, when the helicopter is obliterated by the next effect—doomsday. Franklin"s car is tossed about like an empty crisp packet in a hurricane, & it"s only through a last minute leap from the driver"s seat that he isn"t blown up.

Armageddon dies down as quickly as it had started, while Franklin commandeers another oto. He races khổng lồ Vespucci beach where the first target is located, leaps out of the car và starts shooting... without me pressing the left mouse button. Yep, the Chaos Mod has mix my weapons lớn fire constantly. If there"s one thing that marks out a skilled assassin, it"s wild, indiscriminate gunfire.

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The target takes off, disappearing inkhổng lồ a crowd of beachgoers. With no way lớn pull Franklin"s finger off the trigger, I have to lớn mow down everyone on the pathway.

One target down. Three to go. Five sầu minutes remaining. To claw baông chồng time, I race straight across Vespucci beach. The second target is on a yacht out to lớn sea, easily sniped by Franklin from pier. Two down. Four minutes lớn go.

I hop bachồng in the car & start up the highway, when the Chaos Mod activates cinematic camera mode, constantly changing the camera angle while I drive in real-time. This makes my race against time look incredibly cool, but also makes it phenomenally difficult to drive. It takes me 90 precious seconds to lớn reach the third target, who is again easily sniped from Franklin"s lofty position on a window cleaner"s lift.

Three down, two-and-a-half minutes to lớn go. The final target is on a moped somewhere in the Vinewood hills. A difficult area lớn drive around at the best of times, but it"s especially tough when it suddenly starts raining asteroids. One such space roông chồng almost completely blocks the road leading up into Vinewood, leaving a tiny gap which I squeeze through. I kill the final target with seconds remaining. That"s more like it, Chaos Mod. In fact, Franklin versus the jurors wouldn"t make a bad conclusion to lớn this diary.

But I think we can vì chưng one better.

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Trevor versus everything

One final battle. One last stvà. The Chaos Mod against GTA V"s King of Chaos. I"ve dropped the interval timer to ten seconds, with all effects lasting half a minute. Before we start though, I must prepare. Well, try lớn. I"d planned lớn kit Trevor out with weapons and armour. But prior lớn deciding to vì chưng this, the Chaos Mod depleted my bank account, as if it knew what was coming.

That said, I can at least choose a location for the final showdown. After fair amount of deliberation, I settle on Legion Square, the architecturally abstract park in downtown Los Santos. It"s cthảm bại enough to lớn roads for vehicle-effects to lớn play a role, but it also has enough cover to offer me protection from the Chaos Mod"s shenanigans. I select my starting position at the park"s main entrance, và set the Chaos Mod rolling.

The sky darkens. The tyres blow out on all the nearby vehicles. Then those vehicles catch fire. Then they turn pink. It"s like a storm"s approaching. The impending signs of the Chaos Mod"s oncoming apocalypse, mischief & mayhem all rolled inlớn one.

Suddenly Trevor hits the ground, sideswiped by a speeding moped. I"ve been surrounded by a swarm of fuchsia mods, intent on ramming me khổng lồ death like a pod of bottlenose dolphins. I whip out my pistol và start shooting. The fact my gun fires cats barely registers.

I successfully clear the gang when something astonishingly loud bursts nearby. I whirl around to lớn spy a figure across the park. I can"t see hlặng clearly because the Chaos Mod has draped the park in a thichồng fog, but a blueish blur narrowly misses Trevor"s head. Some kind of force gun. I dash behind cover and take the figure down.

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Now the Chaos Mod unleashes its full fury, slapping me with a five-star wanted màn chơi. It also starts raining whales again. I retreat deeper inlớn the park, dodging cetacean carcasses as I go. Bullets begin flying my way. I blast a trio of cops encroaching on my position, then whip out my grenade launcher và bring down a helicopter that"s been hovering above me. But there"s another approaching, while the minimap is thiông xã with flashing dots. It"s really only a matter of time.

And then the Chaos Mod gives me a reprieve, teleporting me lớn some woodland town in the farthest reaches of San Andreas. I run along the road, watching for any oncoming threat. But there is only silence, and the stars, & the distant headlights of vehicles, which the Chaos Mod has turned kaleidoscopic in hue.

After 30 seconds of bizarre tranquillity, the Chaos Mod teleports Trevor again—this time khổng lồ the heliPad atop the tallest building in Los Santos. Many of the Chaos Mod"s effects won"t be able khổng lồ reach me here, but I"ve also no clear method of descent. Then I spy a window cleaner"s lift dangling a few feet away from the building"s rooftop. It"s a tricky jump, but I"m fairly certain that I can make it.

I don"t make it.

In the kết thúc, it isn"t any of the Chaos Mod"s effects that kill Trevor. It"s gravity. Trevor plummets khổng lồ his death, dressed as a mad scientist, because the Chaos Mod had to lớn get one last joke in. So long Chaos Mod. It"s been unreal.