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A boy's superanh hùng dreams come true when he finds five powerful cosmic stones. But saving the day is harder than he imagined — và he can't vì it alone.

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From the Emmy-winning creator of "https://capdoihoanhao.vn/xem-phim-anh-hung-vu-tru-tap-1/imager_1_41376_700.jpgThe Powerpuff Girls,” "https://capdoihoanhao.vn/xem-phim-anh-hung-vu-tru-tap-1/imager_1_41376_700.jpgFoster's Home for Imaginary Friends” & “Wander Over Yonder.”
Season 1 Trailer: Kid Cosmic
Jo: The Teleporting Teen
Kid Cosmic: The Boy Who Could Tame the Sky
Rosa: The Big Little Girl
A boy's supernhân vật dreams come true when he finds five powerful cosmic stones. But saving the day is harder than he imagined — & he can't vì it alone.

After Kid discovers five powerful cosmic stones, he turns lớn teen waitress Jo for help in figuring them out — & keeping them out of the wrong hands.

When 4-year-old Rosa transforms into a 40-foot giant after finding one of the rings, it's up to lớn Kid & Jo to lớn keep the destructive sầu tot out of trouble.

Sensing danger, newly superpowered cat Tumãng cầu Sandwich sets off on a quest khổng lồ save sầu Kid, whose attempt to lớn lead a team mission goes all kinds of wrong.

As Kid và the self-proclaimed Local Heroes confront a wave of alien invaders, everyone starts khổng lồ get the hang of their powers. Well, almost everyone.

Kid and the Local Heroes try lớn protect their family, friends & favorite place to lớn eat when a pachồng of demonic alien dogs invades the diner.

Pushed to lớn the edge by Chuck’s nonstop taunts, Kid decides to steal the other four rings & go it alone in a desert showdown with Chuck's Great Leader.

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When the mysterious man in black và his army take over the town, Tumãng cầu Sandwich partners with a former foe in order lớn bring the team baông chồng together.

While an elite new squad of government-sponsored superheroes faces down an alien threat, Kid begins lớn wonder if he's misjudged the entire situation.

Kid may be down, but he's definitely not out. With a wild plan in place, he and the Local Heroes suit up & race into danger khổng lồ stop the alien battle.

Things aren't looking good for the team, but that won't stop Kid from trying khổng lồ save the day as he finally learns what being a real nhân vật is all about.

This intimate series follows Naomi Osaka as she explores her cultural roots and navigates her multifaceted identity as a tennis champion và activist.
A young woman is found brutally murdered in a Copenhagene playground. Above her hangs a small doll made of chestnuts. Adapted from the acclaimed novel.
Sanya Malhotra and Abhimanyu Dassani star in this eclectic comedy about a newlywed couple facing the struggles of a long-distance marriage.

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In 1879, Kenshin and his allies face their strongest enemy yet: his former brother-in-law Enishi Yukishiro và his minions, who've vowed their revenge.

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